Star Trek Online 'doesn't need Warcraft fans'

CVG: Star Trek Online developer Cryptic believes it doesn't need to lure over Warcraft fans for the game to be a success in the notoriously competitive MMO space.

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Garrison3206d ago

Wow for mmo's is the the equivalent of Modern Warfare 2 for fps, sure there is better stuff out there but since that's the only FPS experience most of these noobs and casuals play and everyone and their cat is playing it, that means it has to be the best right?

The thing is that people who love quality MMO's like EQ2 and Quality Shooters like Killzone 2 owe a big thanks to games like that not because they help the genre in any way, but they help to keep most of the idiots out. Not to say those games are bad but they just aren't THAT good either.

That being said NO MMO needs warcraft fans but this Star Trek MMO won't pull people from almost any Fantasy type MMO given that most Sci-fi and Fantasy type players are a completely different crowd. I beta tested this game and found it not to my liking as it's missing the big exploration type feeling from most mmo's which is kinda my big pull to those type of games.

gladiatory2k3206d ago

no, they just need their numbers