4.0 Pub Darts Review "Pub Darts is a bland game that tries to recreate darts on the Wii, and after giving it several chances, it does not succeed. The controls, plain and simple, don't feel accurate. The lack of basic components, such as an actual tutorial and feedback for the player, don't help the situation. The game's other hook, the pub atmosphere, feels empty and poorly executed. It becomes difficult to think of an audience that would enjoy this game, casual darts players have little incentive to master the controls, and experienced darts players are already playing real darts. Ultimately, Pub Darts is hard to recommend."

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Sanrin3233d ago

Or better yet, but a dart board. I'm pretty sure they only cost a few bucks, and when you're done with the board you can throw the darts just about anywhere.

mephman3233d ago

But the argument has always been, you might not have somewhere to put the dart board.

Sanrin3233d ago

How bout your tv screen? You can use those darts that stick to glass!

ShawnCollier3233d ago

Wow, there be some bad control issues here.