Sony France blacklists Gamekult

Sony France blacklists the french webzine Gamekult after the zine released Heavy Rain test.

The redactor Poischich who gave a 6/10 to Heavy Rain commented the news on twitter : "Sony is taking distance with the webzine".

We also learn that Sony France asked to a redactor from JeuVideo.Com to modify his review for Heavy rain.

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N4PS3G2750d ago

"We also learn that Sony France asked to a redactor from JeuVideo.Com to modify his review for Heavy rain."

They expect to change every Heavy Rain review they don't like? Nobody objected when they gave Mass Effect 2 a 7

xaviertooth2750d ago

i think you are not getting the point.

it's not about xbox 360 games vs. ps3 games. its the review itself. for games like ME2 gatting a 7 and Heavy Rain getting a 6, you will have to suspect are these people real gamers?

N4PS3G2750d ago

eehhhh..i get my point. Don't liking a game as much as others and rating it lower than everyone else doesn't change if you're a real gamer o not.

They didn't like those 2 games as much as everyone else ..soo now they're "BLACKLISTED" and asked to change their opinions?

Uncharted 2 got a 9 from Gamekult and sony didn't complain about it

SL1M DADDY2750d ago

As is Mass Effect not a 7. ME2 should have gotten no less than a 9 IMHO and to give Heavy Rain a 6 is just a pathetic attempt at gaining hits. Sorry, but Sony should blacklist them for using a heavy hitting review for hit generation. the ME review is BS too so don't get me wrong, it's bad both ways.

gears222750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

after seing the Mass Effect 2 review i was so pissed,and I swear,before clicking on their Heavy Rain review I was like " they're gunna give it a perfect 10 since it's made by french developers" but then I saw a 6 and was surprised.

So I started reading other reviews and found out that Uncharted 2 was one of the very few games that got a 9,I don't mean that U2 doesn't deserve a 9,but if U2 got a 9 then ME2 deserves a 9 too and maybe Heavy Rain.

gaffyh2750d ago

I'm pretty sure those guys broke the embargo, and that's why Sony is pissed with them. I bet Gamekult are regretting that 6/10 cry for hits now.

All I can say is LOL, do a fair review next time!

nycredude2750d ago

Who said noone objected. Check their comments section for their review on N4g. i and many other objected. Any reviewer who gives Mass Effect 2 a 7 or under is fvcking retarded and never be taken seriously. you trolls and haters are really getting annoying on N4g. Ruining everything IMO.

hoops2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

If this is true and Sony has done this, this just looks bad on Sony as its the same as bribing for scores.
This is why i don't listen to reviews because they are one persons opinion and some sites can be pressured to give good scores just to satisfy the company. Or in the other case, a small website will give a great game a piss poor score just to get web hits and nortiriety.
In otherwords people. Review scores are subjective and BS. Play the game YOURSELF and then decide and don't listen to hype or how "bad" a game is.

Arkham2750d ago


-3pts "Il n'ya pas de Jerry Lewis."

Heavy Rain:
-4pts "Il n'ya pas de Jerry Lewis."

raztad2750d ago

SCEA should BLACKLIST EDGE. Those pricks deserve no less. Their reviews are worthless for the PS3 community.

kwyjibo2750d ago

That's because the PS3 "community" aren't worth taking seriously - look around you.

Sony continue to advertise in Edge and they continue to give them exclusive stories.

Maybe Sony actually appreciate an independent voice, whereas the PS3 "community" would rather reviewers try to second guess Metacritic averages instead of actually voice an opinion.

TapiocaMilkTea2750d ago

So are people actually siding with Sony on this? Wow....that's a first.....

weazel2750d ago

Yeah, and one mans perception of Edge as an independent review source must be countered against anthers view, whereby he might see edge as a conceited hotbed of furious ego-wan*ing and faux intellectualism.
I've loathed their holier (and significantly more educated, and informed)than thou approach for years, and seeing the chaos that their frankly baffling and narcissistic reviews provoke only drives me to dislike them that little bit more.
Summing up, you're welcome to your opinion, but in mine, they're just cun*s.

bacon132750d ago

Well done. Gamekult has no credibility or ability to display objective reviews. Im sorry but there is something very wrong when you take a game like ME2 which has been highly praised by a multitude of sources and downplay it without coherent reasons.

ActionBastard2750d ago

Sony has as much right to "blacklist" whomever they like, just as JeuVideo.Com and GameKult have their right to their opinions.

Godmars2902750d ago

Think it has to do with site likely basing a review on an early build, then leaking that footage. If someone did that, I could see a publisher not only blacklisting the site, but "asking" them to reevaluate their review in order to get back into good graces.

Neither side is publicly seen in a good light, but still more fault falls on the site than the game publisher.

Christopher2750d ago

So, one person's twitter post is all the proof we need now?

I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I'm not going to comment further on this until there's more proof than just this.

UltimateIdiot9112750d ago

You're missing the point. No opinion is equal. A well thought out opinion is more respectable then simply say it sucks because i hate it.

Reviewers are suppose to be objective as possible and be professionals about it.

What would you think of a review who gave Avatar a 5/10 because the aliens are blue instead of green? You're not really going to think much of this person's opinion and probably think the reviewer shouldn't be paid to say that.

Fox012750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Wow Sony blacklisted Gamekult (#2 french gaming mag) then called (#1 french gaming mag) and asked them to change their score. So from a 15/20, the score went to 17/20.
Wow Sony, just wow, this is pathetic.

Is it true they did something similar with Lair? wow

raztad2750d ago

It's been shown EDGE reviews are useless for a PS3 owner. They are full of bias, double standards and are not informative. EDGE is in my personal NO GO list, I rather read a Destructoid review from Jim Sterling that from EDGE.

Pennywise2750d ago

Is it more pathetic to ask(NO PROOF), or to change the score? (Again, no proof. Where's the integrity?

kwyjibo2750d ago

Yeah, I'm cool with that. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to critical review, some may prefer the "holier than thou" approach, others may prefer the "man of the people" approach.

I was just appalled at the cries to censor opinion just because people don't like it. Crying that the PS3 community abhors said publication - is the same as saying that the Transformers 2 community abhors every critic in the land.

Their voice is irrelevant, critics aren't there for fan service.

DelbertGrady2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Funny how people constantly accuse "M$" of manipulating reviewers, without any proof at all of course, and then it turns out Sony are the ones guilty. I remember when they blackballed Kotaku as well. Dirty tactics from a dirty company.

Christopher2750d ago

I just find it funny that people think only one of the companies are dirty.

weazel2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Agreed...Mass Censorship across any medium is an unacceptable event, but citing an individuals right to display an opinion as immutable proof of their validity as a source of information is taking it too far. e.g:
Lunatics all agree that eating turds is a socially acceptable pastime, and although these opinions may be voiced in a public forum (Screaming around the local supermarket with their pants around their ankles),it doesn't make it a truth that the general public should consider.
Irrespective of marking system, both Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain seem to have been sold a short one by the web site, and if that's the case, Sony, and indeed Microsoft more than have the justification to question the reviews. Free speech indeed.

*:Critics have an obligation to inform prospective consumers of both the pros and cons of any focus area. Ill informed or slanted reviews are tantamount to false advertising, or on occasion, slander.

**: Soda - Grow-up. You know better than that. All multi-national companies indulge in 'questionable' tactics, so tarring Sony as the main offender is either just fuc*ing ignorant, or a pointless attempt at trolling. You can do better than that on both counts.

DaTruth2750d ago

To me it just looks like they are rating on a more reasonable scale! The amount of 9's and 10's thrown around are ridiculous. In 95% of the world a 5 is average. It is only the USA where 70% is average and it's like everyone else in the world is forced to follow suit!

Average is generally defined as the median spot between the lowest and the highest level, ergo 5/10 being average. 6-better than average; 7-good; 8-Great; 9-Really good; 10-Perfect f'ing game!

This is the way it should be!

BeaArthur2750d ago

DaTruth...maybe it's just me but where I come from "great" is better than "really good".

JokesOnYou2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

First off we dont have definitive proof this is true, but just reading over some comments it looks like even if it was most sony extremists thinks its OK, they've even already fabricated some weak excuses to justify sony's actions. lol everytime I think sony extremists might surprise me and show a little backbone, they do just what I was expecting and instantly flip flop on any issue, first comment is exactly right yet over 30 disagrees. lol just a slight implication from a fanboy blog of micro pressuring a review site and all hell breaks loose, sony
does it and "oh wait this is because they broke the embargo", meanwhile sony isnt saying anything about other French sites who've already reviewed the game more favorably.

I haven't ever really read anything from this site, but they seem to just be a harsh review site although they did like UC2 alot, they gave the best game I've played in a long time, ME2 a 7, I disagree but so what? "OMG could it be possible he just doesn't think the game is so great?" I know experts/friends who swear Emmitt Smith is the greatest RB ever(Cowboys fans) and certainly going ny stats alone they could make a solid case, but for me Barry Sanders was so much better, the guy was amazing and if he had a O-line half as good as Emmitt enjoyed he would have broke every record that mattered(still I hate the Detroit Lions).

The bottom line is a independent site should be allowed to review and score a game however they like, if they suck their readers/fans will stop supporting the site, either way at the most sony should just claim that they dont think it is a fair review for whatever reasons they have and leave it at that, going further to blacklist sites is a dangerous policy.

DatNJDom812750d ago

How in the fukc do you give Mass Effect 2 a 7? That game is clearly a great game. Definitely deserves a lot better than a 7. Heavy Rain I cant comment about since I havent played it. To me it looks very interesting. If you did read gamekults pros and cons however, they are conflicting. Every other site gave Heavy Rain 9s, couple of 8s, and I think I saw a 7.5 somewhere. Its clear that its not gonna be a game for everyone. Especially the young (and some older ones) gamers that enjoy chucky cheese shooters.

Well we can be sure about one thing however, there is now 1 more website that will definitely join the "trash sony" mafia. lol

mastiffchild2750d ago

@Soda-as a trained, qualified and time served reporter and feature writer in both national and local press I'd say Sony were TOTALLY right over Kotaku as I could NOT believe what the fools did over there. Kotaku felt they should reveal the tiny bit of Home info they had and Sony asked they withhold it for the time being. Had Kotaku used any journalistic sense they'd have understood that you get great sources by being trustworthy in this game and biting off the hand that would(certainly) have fed them reveal after reveal a result was both dim and straight out of the Cowboy Reporters Notebook.

As for the French sites over HR: Isn't Sony's gripe that they both based reviews on earlier code than the final released product? IIRC, it IS and one or the other of these sites also leaked early footage to other sites-why wouldn't Sony be annoyed? MS would be too, and rightly so.

I used to, as a fun part of one job I had at a local paper(a big one in the NE of England), review a lot of the new music releases and I'd have been rightly hung , drawn and quartered had I based an album review on it's demo versions, wouldn't I? It's the same exact thing and Sony are entitled to ask for fairer treatment given what I've been informed is all correct. They are also being pretty correct in blacklisting them too-it isn't what I'd have done but I understand why they have.

Whatever, IDK if I ever heard any LAIR rumours and, if so, surely Sony would be broke by now given the number of poor reviews that game got!However, if said review was, again, based not on the final code why wouldn't' Sony, or anyone for that matter, complain and ask for a fairer review OF THE RIGHT code?

Seriously, if Sony were offering anything for a better review I'd get why you're being so holy about this but they haven't and, as far as I can see were the wronged party in all the cases you brought up. BTW, I've also never seen anything that makes me think MS bribe or cajole better reviews from mags and sites either. Certain publishers, yes, but never Sony or MS-their pressure is brought to bear in other ways, without being explained or demanded as editors always worry if a big advertiser gets a bad review for one of their products and the rest of editorial know about it from then on in too. The tighter budget your site/mag works on the more important your advertisers are so I COULD see that having an effect on review scores but never in a conscious way at either end.

DaTruth2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Please find the "complain about fanboys" website and go there. Some of us are getting really annoyed with your constant griping and whining about fanboys!

When you're ready to talk games, News 4 Gamers will still be here!

@Bea Arthur: Whatever. 8-Great; 9-Amazing. FIXED

@Below: Which embargo did HHG break? Just wondering because I thought all his talk about GOW3 was an embargo breach and N'Gai looked really uncomfortable with it!

JD_Shadow2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

You won't be able to get through to some people here. "Blackballing for breaking embargos and giving a score based on incorrect information given about a game" equates to "blackballing them for giving a lower score than they wanted them to give." They just want to have another reason to hate Sony because they are getting major momentum against their favorite system. You're never going to win an argument because they always have an answer for everything (including bubble gang rapes as if that's their only answer).

Let's review this: Gamekult releases a contradicting review ( ), and also gave Mass Effect 2 a 7 (which these people are forgetting about). They also release footage they were NOT authorized to release (probably spoiled some of the game's story). Sony decides to take action.

And if Sony were trying to get a better score out of this site, would they be doing this to all the other sites that ever gave a Sony game a bad score? Think about that.

And Soda, nice for you to NOT point out WHY Sony blackballed Kotaku. Let me mention why: Kotaku discovered Home, Sony asked nicely for them to not reveal it until they were ready for it to be revealed, Kotaku said they would reveal it anyway, Sony asked again (a little more forceful this time), Kotaku STILL said they would anyway (as if they were going to reveal that Sony were secretly hiding Bin Ladin by embargoing Home). Kotaku revealed it, thereby blatantly breaking embargo. Then Sony blackballed Kotaku, and people blamed SONY for doing something while not even considering that Kotaku could be in the wrong for breaking the embargo.

Analoghype got all over HHG for walking all over an embargo, but we're going to praise Kotaku for doing the exact same thing?

JokesOnYou2750d ago

Nah, I'll continue to do my complaining right here on n4g, if it bothers you so much theres a ignore button to help you sleep, or you could always go join a "da truth" hurts my feelings website, aka the sdf. lol, but you're most likely already a long time member.


GreenRingOfLife2750d ago

Hmm, Sony is sounding like a dictator, trying 2 change review scores that they don't agree with. bad move sony