Edge Final Fantasy Special: Final Fantasy XIII Nomura Interview

In Edge's Final Fantasy special this month, they have interviewed Tetsuya Nomura. It looks alot like the interview with him that we posted earlier, but at least this time we can understand it! He pretty much covers the same points, and pretty much secures the much discussed Playstation 3 exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII.

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akaFullMetal4197d ago

in anycase, im glad to hear that the exclusiveness of this title is being confirmed more and more, i hate hearing how its the end of the ps3 if they lose this, but it would be a big dent in their plan to take the market

trane074197d ago

Why did it get so quiet??

BitbyDeath4197d ago

I'm just hoping that Kingdom Hearts gets exclusive rights too, i mean hey 360 or Wii can have there own spinoffs. But exclusives for each console would be the bomb