Lens of Truth: Mass Effect Evolution Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "Mass Effect 2 was launched, selling over 2 million copies in the first week according to and receiving a Metacritic score of 96. With numbers like that, Lens of Truth had to take a closer look at Mass Effect 2. What better way than a Mass Effect Evolution? Sit back as we take a look at how the universe of Mass Effect has changed over the years."

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evildeli3208d ago

I have to admit, these games looks pretty close to the point that I almost wanna pick up ME:1 for the collection since I missed it the first time around. I bet ME:2 is boosting the sales off the first one.

saraphina0173208d ago

I'm sure it is. That's what a good sequel should do.

hoops3208d ago

Big difference especially with the charecter models. Playing 1 and 2 yourself and you know the difference right away

artsaber3208d ago

ME2 is much better. It is just an overall improved product. Both are great games though, definately can't go wrong with either or both.

junk-3d3208d ago

I have to agree. BioWare did a great job on the first game and improved on the formula in every way for Mass Effect 2. I am really digging the more action oriented gameplay.

Kiroe3208d ago

Nice comparison. I still can't believe all of the people on LoT and N4G comparing this game to Uncharted 2. Both games are phenomenal, but completely different experiences.