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MAG is an acronym for Massive Action Game and boy is it massive, full of action and is arm… a game. Sporting 256 player battles, the only game to do so this generation, MAG offers something truly exceptional to differentiate itself from the rest of the FPS market. Fortunately Zipper has designed the game from the ground up to accommodate the high number of players by dividing them up into squads.

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Mr_Bun3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I am happy to see so many reviews coming out about this game since it's launch. Not everyone is scoring the game high, but at least the 'newer' reviewers are basing their scores on the finished product, instead of the beta.

Admittedly, this game isn't for everyone much like Socom isn't, but for the rest of us it is a ton o' fun!

Lifendz3209d ago

especially with SEVR supposedly being the main problem. Can you explain this? Like does this Army just have stronger or better weapons or is it just a matter of all the really good players being members of this army?

If it's the latter then I gotta wonder how all these guys agreed on joining that Army and no other.

raztad3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )


That's just people crying like babies because SVER has been doing really good on Domination.

I'm RAVEN and I reckon SVER are the best so far. They are skilful, attack in mass and defend in mass. You can see VALOR or RAVEN going all out by themselves with no support just to die on enemy hands. Thats changing though, more people is getting more experienced and having better gear.

This morning Raven utterly destroyed SVER Domination map. Some N4G friends and me are putting a RAVEN N4G together. Key is communication, but more important is to follow the leader orders and act like a team.

Socomer 19793209d ago

Ive squaded up with many great teams. some that are seriously going for the win and some that are just messing around having fun and cracking jokes. Ive got my brother and my cousin in a 3 man squad and we play as if we were playing with g.i. joe figures.

I havent been able to put MAG down yet. Its killing me taking me well into the late nights and being late for work.
If i close my eyes real tight, I see mutiple sver targets in a assault to my position. I think i need to check into a veterans clinic.

Araceae3209d ago

I’ve had to stop playing it for the last two days as I don’t want to get too far ahead of my friends, who are just starting to pick it up. I’m loving the game.

raztad3209d ago


Hey man, why are you posting here. Let the open zone to the trolls.

I do agree MAG is awesome. It's the only game that have gotten me waking up very early in the morning just to play some Domination before go to work, or taking away time from my wife.

This morning we kicked SVER asses in a MAJOR VICTORY. Take that losers!!!