Feature: Is there a way forward for RTS?

VG247: RTS is doomed, if you listen to the naysayers. We sincerely hoped it wasn't, so we asked EndWar dev lead and Ubisoft Montpellier creative director Michael de Plater, RUSE developer Eugen and British strategy starlet Creative Assembly what problems are facing real-time strategy and whether or not the genre can move passed them.

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Letros3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

See Dawn of War 2, from its RPG style campaign and it's multiplayer is widely considered as Real Time Tactics(RTT) opposed to traditional "strategy" mechanics. And then there is the INCREDIBLY fun Last Stand mode, which takes queue from WC3 custom games Hero Defense.

Granted the traditional RTS style has been done to death, and you end up with a perfected product such as StarCraft 2, where one might not have to ever play another RTS again.

The genre has a ton of life left in it, as its probably the most popular genre in all of PC gaming, if not close behind FPS.

Saryk3209d ago

Genres come and go. It wasn’t long ago that space flight simulators were the main things going on in PC gaming. Now they are few and far between. RTS titles will be just like this and they will be just like this, then they will come back in several years.