I-Play: A Console Gamer In PC World...No Pun Intended.

Mat Growcott of Nonsense Gamer writes:

'As you can tell from the photo accompanying this article, I'm in a bit of a bind.

No, I'm not literally stuck in a computer. That sort of thing could only happen to Rick Moranis

On one hand I find myself in a very unique position. I've just turned 20 and for the first time in my life I can see myself getting into PC gaming.

On the other hand, I can't help but shudder at the sheer amount of material available and, I have to admit, I'm not at all equipped with the knowledge - or hardware - I need to give the platform the chance it deserves.'

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Kainewynd23234d ago

There's a lot of crap in them there hills, but many many gems.

Some of my favorite games from days of yore include:

Baldur's Gate (1 and 2, plus expansions)

Neverwinter Nights (1 and 2)

Battlefield 1942 (Multiplayer anyway... might not be worth it now. Much better than 1943.)

Knights of the Old Republic (1 and 2... though two was kind of disappointing near the end. Since, you know, they didn't really finish it.)

Empire Earth

And a whole lot more...

matgrowcott3233d ago

I enjoyed 1943, for what it was worth. Got 100% achievements at it anyhew.

What I mostly enjoyed about it was the kinda...epic feel it had. You'd be travelling across one of the islands, bored as anything, wishing you'd managed to get into the car before some idiot drove off on his own without checking for team mates. Just as you're about to give up and head back, an aeroplane would fly over you full pelt in a crazy dog fight.

I loved that feeling of the battle being bigger than you. Unless they're AMAZING, no one person could change the tide of battle. It took the full team.

I just picked up Nights of the Old Republic. I'm looking forward to getting it started!

champ213233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Well the pc can act just like a console. Specially when it comes to multiplats.

You may use the ps3, xbox controller or mouse keyboard on any game,

save 10-20usd per game (lot of money right there at the end of the year)

unlike consoles you dont need to worry about bad fps or bad AA even a 150usd gpu will play all of this gens games maxed out @ 1080p 60fps+ (doing TRUE 1080p on a 50inch tv is day and night difference between what current consoles can do).

will probably end up getting DLCs free more often then on consoles.

Mods user created patches are available to improve gaming experience.

Overall with a little bit more effort INITIALLY Pc is the best platform to game on.

matgrowcott3233d ago

I have to completely agree with you, and that's why I've spent so much money over the last few weeks.

One of the major things console gamers overlook when it comes to PC (I know I did) is that, yes, it may cost a little more to get started but in the long run you end up saving. As you say, new releases are cheaper on PC than consoles and DLC is sometimes free.

My major problem is that, at the minute, I'm playing on a little netbook. It's a pretty hardy little thing and it seems to run everything I've thrown at it so far, but I don't want to pay big money for something that probably won't work.

champ213233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

its been 2 years since i started buying games of steam. 70games bought in 2 years. Had i bought those games on a console i would have ended up paying about $1200 extra (thats more then enough to make an awesome gaming rig).

I have a monster gaming rig that i use at home, then i have a laptop which i use for my work. Since i travel alot i decided to get a gaming laptop from sager comes equipped with a gtx260. so it manages to do all my work and the next moment i could be playing any of my games on the go @1080 40-50fps 2x-4x AA. The versatality of a PC just is unmatched.

The ps3 control pad is one of the best wireless controllers on the market today. I use one of those with my gaming rig or my laptop when traveling. the laptop once connected to a hdmi tv feels like a super over powered ps3.

matgrowcott3233d ago

Sounds like I have a way to go before I'm competeing with you :P

But I have to say, the way the deals on Steam work, I may soon be catching up with you in terms of games. I've been tempted by every single game this past fortnight, even Farcry 2 which I ACTUALLY DETESTED.

So they've made me an ideal customer really.

I went out and bought a wired 360 controller for eases sake. I managed to get the PS3 controller working on my old system, but I was having trouble finding genuine drivers the other day, so I went for the simple option.

Any games you'd suggest to really get me started?

champ213233d ago

ill pm you a list man let me know what gpu you ?

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