Ubisoft's latest piracy wall divides dev opinion

A panel of developers today showed scepticism of Ubisoft's latest attempt to contain piracy.

Last week it was Ubisoft said it will employ an 'always on' internet monitoring system for its PC games.

The DRM scheme will likely mean that users will need to have a constant connection to the internet - one key reason why it was treated with a mixed reception during this week's Jury service feature.

"I don't believe that online DRM on its own will ever stop piracy," said Bizarre's Ben Ward. "Your game will simply have that functionality stripped out by various hacking groups."

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Noctis Aftermath3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

I have an idea, although probably already thought of i'm just going to type it out anyway.

Introduce a system that forces people to store their savefiles online on secure dedicated servers provided free to consumers by the publisher/developer and have no other way to save game files(no offline save option), saving the game online will require verification that the game is not pirated.
Also implement several forced save points in game(Set after certain in-game events) and if people don't save their files onto the dedicated servers they cannot proceed any further in game.

For instance someone buys a new game, installs it, starts playing it for the first time and after they make their character and start playing after a few minutes or after a cutscene they get prompted with the question "Save Game? Yes/No" and if they pick 'no' they get asked if they want to quit to the title screen.

If they pick 'yes' they get prompted with a account login(if they are not already logged in) they enter UserID and Password(they can choose to login automatically everytime they boot up the game) and the game
undergoes verification during the login.

The whole process should ideally be under 20 seconds to save the gamefile, there should also only be 10-15 forced save points throughout the game but users can save game anytime(depending on what the game itself will allow) and if they choose to save outside the forced save points they go through the same online verification.

Now this will allow people to play the game offline and only require them to go online when they want to save their progress, and if done right it will stop pirates playing more then 5-10minutes of the game because they cannot save their game.

The reason why i think you should let them play the first 5-10minutes is to try and entice the "pirate" to buying the game legally because that first few minutes could act like a demo.

Also sorry for the length of the post.