THQ UK studio 'doing all it can' for staff facing cuts

19 Warrington jobs at risk, but chief Bell looking into other opportunities available.

The head of THQ Digital Warrington - formerly Juice Games - has told Develop that 19 jobs at the studio are under threat as part of its new focus on digital games.

But he added that the studio and its parent are doing all they can to help staff that may be affected by the recent restructuring.

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cyguration3230d ago

They're considering possibilities rather than just dropping hammers. I understand operating a business is tough, but the economy doesn't get better by putting more people out of work.

If I could, I would give THQ half a bubble now, and if they can maintain those jobs, another half a bubble later. Also, I would take one full bubble away from Sony for firing as many people as they did because of *gasp* piracy. With all those workers without a job, Sony can expect the piracy rates to soar a little higher.