Why the StarCraft 2 Specs Can't Be Real

They were leaked and denied, but that does not have to mean they are not real. However, StarCraft: IncGamers has sent its tech-spech blood hound at the specs, and he has found out just what's wrong with the specs, and why we were given incorrect ones.

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Leord3085d ago

In so many words:

Blizz fail :P

Cogo3085d ago

On the other hand: I had no idea it was actually physically impossible for the specs to be real.

Very interesting read I think.

Leord3085d ago

Yes, I agree, especially as that Kalos fella found the source of those stats...

kalos3085d ago

Well I've seen rumours of more leaks and accidental slipups on their site, I've beginning to suspect they are doing it on purpose to get some media attention and tension before the Beta unveilling. Very sneaky of them.

Perjoss3085d ago

right, because bliz games really need hype and media attention

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Cogo3085d ago

It would have been awesome if they WERE real, though...

Ocelot5253085d ago

no, cuz the overall graphics would suck if they were real, even if the recommended specs were for the lowest setting to run the game at 25fps. even the PS2 owns these minimum specs

Recka3085d ago

Well Highly scaleable engine might mean just that

Cogo3085d ago

Well, perhaps not *impossibly* scalable. Not sure it would be worth the development time.

Rather: I am SURE it would not be worth it!

JonahNL3085d ago

Already expected it, there's no friggin' way the system requirements were that low. I expect a lot from Blizzard, but they're not miracle workers.

kalos3085d ago

Indeed; I was just suprised nobody raised the fact before that the Geforce 2 doesn't even support what we've been told time and again to be the bottom line. The poor card is toast!

Leord3085d ago

If they could do that, I wish they would spend their time trying to solve world hunger instead.

I mean, a miracle could be better used there ;)

Cogo3085d ago

Are you the same Kalos as the writer of the article?

kalos3085d ago

That Kalos and this Kalos is the same. Bubbles if you agree? :D

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DJDarkstar3085d ago

Quite interesting. I knew that was low but yeah, Good spot by Kalos on the Impossible bit hehe.

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