Battlefield Bad Company 2 Restricts Initial 'Squad Rush' Access To GameStop Preorderers

The North American console versions of DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are saddled with an unusual multiplayer restriction: for the first month following the game's release, only those who preordered the game from GameStop will have access to the game's "Squad Rush" multiplayer mode.

The mode is an objective-based battle between two teams of four players each. Those with preorder-based access will also be able to invite their friends to play with them throughout the 30-day exclusivity period.

PC copies of Bad Company 2, which share a March 2 release date with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, have no such multiplayer restrictions, nor do any of the European SKUs launching three days later.

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Letros3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

"PC copies of Bad Company 2, which share a March 2 release date with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, have no such multiplayer restrictions"

Thank god for PC gamers, I was really looking forward to this mode, don't have to deal with this GameStop marketing crap.

StanLee3208d ago

I don't buy from Gamestop!

Noctis Aftermath3208d ago

Isn't this bad for business? This doesn't make the gamestop deal more appealing it makes all the other stores deals LESS appealing.

The gamestop edition will simply be the standard game whilst the other stores versions will be lacking content for 30 days.

krisq3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

...f**king sucks for fellow NAM gamers :(.
This definitely is getting out of hand.

edgeofblade3208d ago

Ok, so we have skipped console exclusivity, timed exclusivity, and DLC exclusivity... and now we are on timed retailer DLC exclusivity? WTF? There was a line back there somewhere, but it was crossed long ago.

jjohan353208d ago

Although everyone has suddenly fallen in love with EA simply because Activision became the devil, EA has always done lame things like this. Their multiplayer games have been broken and don't forget that Army of Two 40th day had the same weird preorder restriction as well.

pimpmaster3208d ago

well this blows, i refuse to buy anything from gamestop.

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The Milkman3208d ago

If you really like the game why wouldnt you pre-order it to be sure to get your copy of the game? You have until march to make your pre-order so that's plenty of time to make your decision. I dont know about you but I got five on it.

Letros3208d ago

But there shouldn't be such a large restriction to WHERE you HAVE to preorder it, what's next 30 day lock out stuff from Best Buy and Walmart in addition to Gamestop?

Nineball21123208d ago

Yeah, I think this stuff is pretty crappy too.

I guess gamers put up with it, so companies will continue to do anything to get a leg up on the competition.

ASSASSYN 36o3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

...talking bout' my indo weed I got fivvvee onnn itt....

krisq3208d ago

It doesn't make sense because you're a towel. You are funny, sir.

Umbrella Corp3208d ago

Dont forget to bring a towel when you get all sweaty gaming. :D

edgeofblade3208d ago

Pre-ordering for anything except the most in-demand, must-have, game of the year is generally pointless.

But it's generally priceless to hear the Gamestop pre-recorded phone call tell me I can bring in my used games for "an additional... zero... percent trade-in value".

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BeaArthur3208d ago

That is pretty weak. This pre-order crap is crossing the line. I don't have an issue with demo or beta access for pre-orders but actually restricting sections of the full retail game is ridiculous.

Captain Qwark 93208d ago

i agree with BeaArthur, beta access, demos, an exclusive gun maybe, but full blown game modes is crossing the line. i dont mind as much, i pre-orded it cuase the game is sick :) but in actuallity it hurts me too cause now im restricted to less people to shoot in that mode, some people just arent as into games enough to go out and pre-order but that doesnt mean they wont buy it a couple days later when they are in the store or somethin....weak ea, just weak...

gijsbrecht3208d ago

but this is pretty bad I think. Since the MP is an important part of this game, they are going too far in pushing you to preorder with a certain party. Nope, not liking this at all.

Azurite3208d ago

It's just the Squad Rush, there's plenty of other Multiplayer Modes available.
As a european and PC-gamer I won't have to deal with this but I agree that this is kind of... fubar.

Hope it won't catch on.

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