Reality check: being a game tester sucks

MyGaming writes:

"So Sony's got their own reality show going live on PSN sometime soon. While Sony doing a reality show is a rather terrifying prospect all on its own (KAZ HIRAI GONE WILD!), the premise is much, much worse. In The Tester, gullible nerds will battle other gullible nerds for the very dubitable honour of being a game tester over at Sony's San Diego office. Yes, Sony is actually making a television event of giving someone a horrible, minimum wage job in QA."

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Hellsvacancy3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Yeah but its Sony, they dont release tings like "Ponies Ponies Ponies IV: Ponie Ride Again" thats 4-the Wii\360

Not summin id wanna do, itd totally ruin Heavy Rain

ChickeyCantor3206d ago

You wont be doing much...all you do is play the same game over and over.

Lou Ferrigno3206d ago

a friend of mine was a tester for SCEA and he told me he got fired for tea bagging jack tretton online LOL. (true story).

but OT bieng a game tester period just SUX and kinda makes you bored and unapreciative of gaming .. a know a lot of ex testers for Devs such as EA,Sega, scea and a few others as well and they said that bieng a tester was stressfull on your gaming enjoyment.

BTW even though im a pro sony fan to an extent,i hope this show fails miserably even though ill watch it lol

Pillage053206d ago

i don't know if that story is true...but it still made me lmao.

Tito083206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

U test the game u don't like..... I play videogames of course, but I never go the fanboy way, cause I see games as a hobby, not a passion, and I saw the trailer for that show, I would never get into that sh!t at all!!!!

nycredude3206d ago

I thnk I would much prefer a reality show about developing games. I just love to watch "making of" videos.

redonix763206d ago

One you're in as a tester and make'll have opportunities come up if you're skilled. Allot of producers here at EA started out as testers. Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't want to do it either...boring stuff really.