Will Lionhead Change the RPG?

Yesterday's announcement over Twitter that Molyneux will reveal how he will change a core gaming mechanic at this year's GDC event, predictably, led to more comments about broken dreams.

Now, Molyneux is the first to admit that his mouth can get him into trouble, once likening his hyperbole to a PR-specific version of Tourette's, but there's something quite endearing about someone so enthusiastic about their job. And, of course, he had a hand in some of the most innovative games ever made and Bullfrog titles like Populous and Syndicate are bona fide classics.

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Maticus3211d ago

Bullfrog... Ah, Theme Hospital :)

He's a nice guy, just misguided sometimes.

thetamer3211d ago

Molyneux is a class a legend.

Malfurion3211d ago

Lol, awesome pic. Jazz hands ftw.

Leord3211d ago

Bullfrog.. the Syndicate...

Oh well, perhaps he's not all full of scat then :P

Fyzzu3211d ago

Bullfrog made a lot of good games, and Lionhead have come out with a few. There just needs to be some sort of gag order on Molyneux.

AndyA3211d ago

Lol, bit harsh. I like his enthusiasm.