Visceral Interested In 'Arc' And Natal, Looking Into Downloadable Games

Visceral Games have revealed that they are interested in the PlayStation 3's motion controller and Project Natal for Xbox 360.

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kevco333236d ago

That's not surprising - if it follows the pattern of Wii, everyone will jump on these devices at first, then find that gamers don't really want the innvation they can offer, and give-up after about a year...

movements3236d ago

Of course I would be interested. I mean, if devs come up with innovative ways of thinking, there's no telling what experiences could be forged with Arc and Natal..

mjolliffe3236d ago

Dead Space Natal.

I wouldn't mind that.

I would just hate FPS on Natal.

scruffy_bear3236d ago

Couldnt care less about ARC or Natal

respawnaction3236d ago

I agree, not interested even slightly.

SpaceSquirrel3236d ago

As long as you can still play with a traditional pad, I don't mind.

gameseveryday3236d ago

does it mean Natal in dead space 2?