Edge: We Are Family

The longer a television show stays on the air, the more likely that its characters will turn into a family. Old foes warm up to each other, and an in-house bad guy – even one as menacing as say, Deadwood's Al Swearengen – can't sustain his threat, and starts to slump into a prickly father-figure. When Joss Whedon's latest venture, Dollhouse, aired its finale last Friday, we saw a cast of characters who started as ciphers, naifs and villains, but who melted into a family unit. It's a natural comfort zone.

Mass Effect 2 works the same way. As much as the game bills itself as a fight "for the lost" and the fate of humanity, the real story is about you and your sidekicks on the Normandy: space may be vast, the future may be scary, but at least they've still got each other.

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