No Conviction demo planned right now, says Ubisoft

VG247: Ubisoft's confirmed to VG247 the company has no plans for a demo of Splinter Cell: Conviction before its now confirmed April 16 release in the UK.

At least for the moment.

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OpiZA3209d ago

Well all we've really seen in detail is the mansion level.. .let us play a wee bit o that

BeaArthur3209d ago

Yeah really, give us something. Even if it's something we have already seen.

Fanb0y3209d ago

This is the perfect kind of game to release a demo for.

Especially that E3 mansion level. The end makes players want to know more.

StanLee3209d ago

This game will not live up to the hype.

peeps3209d ago

i'm sure in an interview back in december they said a demo would be available in january! (that was when it was a feb release date)

so surely there is a demo planned?? but i guess it won't come out untill march now cus theres no point in releasing it months before the game releases

RealityCheck3209d ago

I prefer a demo for a game I'm unsure about and in this case there was a change of direction during development so I'm doubly cautious. And then to come out early and tell people there won't be a demo... Without a demo, for me it becomes a rental only.

Troll_Police3209d ago

No demo? What are you hiding Ubisoft? What are you afraid of?

ProjectVulcan3209d ago

Wut. Every Sc game has had a demo. I expect one

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