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hardcore19123208d ago

can't wait to play the full game.

mal_tez923208d ago

I know what I'm getting

DiLeCtioN3208d ago

I feel that the delays may have done little to improve it. I remember when free radical delayed HAZE so many times only to come out as a half finished game...

Am not saying this game will turn out like HAZE but its just the delays that should be worrying people.

peeps3208d ago

nah, pretty sure these delays are all about releasing in the new financial year

Sitdown3208d ago

between Haze and Splinter Cell: Conviction..with the most obvious being that Splinter Cell established its formula years ago and is in a better spot.

WIIIS13207d ago

Also, big difference in that Splinter Cell is developed for 360, whereas Haze was for PS3.

AhmadVGArabia3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Ubisoft has really changed the look and feel of the series to provide gamers with a better experience than the previous ones. One of my most anticipated games in 2010.

ATi_Elite3207d ago

Splinter Cell: Conviction yawn
I'm so sleepy all of a sudden

Bathyj3207d ago

You fall asleep, and I'll sneak up and shiv you.

ATi_Elite3207d ago

nope because a alarm will go off and I'll wake up with an Exclamation mark over my head then rat ta tat tat


WIIIS13207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

You're mistaken. SC does not have hours of convoluted movie scenes and contrived dialogue that put you to sleep.

Bathyj3207d ago

*sigh* No demo but.

I bet if this was a FPS, there would be a MP demp or a beta.

C'mon Sam, dont let me down, return the series to the former glory of Chaos Theory.

No one shoots like in that screen shot. Hes lucky he doesnt have muzzle flash on his left arm, or worse.