Life-to-date hardware sales as of the end of 2009

A quick look at the life-to-date sales for all the current video game systems on the market.

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Rhythmattic3233d ago

Are any of us suppose to believe any of this?

madmonkey03233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

if it is true that the numbers come from each companys fiscal reports(which are available to public) then the numbers are in fact correct,

they can not inflate their numbers in a real financial report.

(they would of added the numbers of the new report onto thoose from last year.)

Though i wasnt aware that they had sumbitted there reports for the last part of 2009 yet.

i think fiscal year 09 actually ends in march 2010.

Good numbers all round, lets hope the industry continues to recieve strong sales.

EDIT: found sonys report, so there numbers are true, but i hav yet to find nintys of Microsofts.

Rhythmattic3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )


Guessed you missed it..

Verbatim. Copy/Paste

"For example, the Playstation 3 launched in 2000"

Edit: Hidden Star - And your point is ?

maskedwarrior3233d ago

Nintendo's numbers came from here I think:

The Xbox 360 number came from GAF:

Hidden Star3233d ago

Rythmatic, read it again.

qface643233d ago

i don't see how this is hard to believe i mean nintendo themselves released those numbers so did sony so im guessing the same goes for microsoft

Guido3233d ago

The numbers are real and they are more than likely from the fiscal reports as they state in the article. The Examiner is not one to lie or be overly bias.

It's great to see that the 11 million console lead the 360 started with is now dwindled to 5 million and is shrinking ever faster. By this time next year this report will have the PS3 above the 360 in lifetime sales. You can quote me on that.

That PS2 is a beast!

starchild3233d ago

The 360 did not have a 11 million unit lead when the PS3 came out. Stop making up stuff.

The 360 sold around 6 million consoles in its first year.
The lead hasn't got much smaller.

I will gladly take you up on your bet. The PS3 will not surpass the 360 this year or anytime soon.

FamilyGuy3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Average out the console sold per year for each device and see who's selling at the fastest rates. I guess you have to ignore the month of release though unless someone has them all on hand...
| wii ps3 november U.S. don't know about japan
| psp march U.S.
Playstation 2 (2000) - 145.7 million divide by 10 years 14.57mil
Nintendo DS (2004) - 125.13 million divide by 6 years 20.86mil
Nintendo Wii (2006) - 67.45 million divide by 4 years 16.86mil
PSP (2004) - 63.0 million divide by 6 years 10.58mil
Xbox 360 (2005) - 38.7 million divide by 5 years 7.74mil
Playstation 3 (2006) - 33.5 million divide by 4 years 8.38mil

The Maxx3233d ago

Your numbers are wrong. You have to go by the amount of months, not years.

360 was released in November 22nd of 05 - your numbers are assuming that ALL of 05 the 360 sold 7.74 million when actually it would be 7.74 million in 2 months of 05 which of course it didn't.

As well as the PS3. It was released November 6th - your 8.38 million for the PS3 says that it sold that in the 2 months of 06...which again we know it didn't.

You need to break it down per month. Then get an idea how many per a 12 month span ='s 1 year. You will then get a better idea how many consoles average per year they sold. It's not a definite number, but a much more accurate number than what you presented.

FamilyGuy3233d ago

The "flaw" doesn't exist between the three consoles: PS3, Wii, and 360 because they were ALL released in the month of November meaning, average wise, they are ALL at the same... disadvantage(?).

Because the three all released in the same month the averages I've shown would make no differences when comparing them to one another.

They've all been out 10 months less than the full year stated. You get that right? So minus 10 months from each of them and their average pretty much stay the at the exact same numbers I posted.

The other devices would change though, psp released on march 23/24 for instance so it would be down only 4 months of a full year.

The Maxx3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

LIke I said

"You need to break it down per month. Then get an idea how many per a 12 month span ='s 1 year. You will then get a better idea how many consoles average per year they sold. It's not a definite number, but a much more accurate number than what you presented."

By doing it my way (correct way) you get a more accurate idea how may consoles sold per year. Not sure where you get 33.5 million when Sony said they are at 31 million

360 - Nov 06 to January 10 - 39 million - 39 mill/50 months = 780,000 * 12 months = 9.36 million a year

PS3 - Nov 07 to January 10 - 31 million - 31 mill/38 months = 815,789*12 months = 9.79 million a year

You can't say that the 360 or PS3 sold around 8 million in their first year because that's inaccurate math. Maybe those who agreed with you went to the same Math class as you, but it is still inaccurate Math you are using. I understand your point of reasoning, but if you are going to do a break down, do it the way that shows the most accurate answer.

Anon19743232d ago

The 31 million figure was from some Sony exec in and interview, but when the official figures hit today Sony revealed they had sold 6.5 million PS3's this past quarter, brining their total up to 33.5 million.

And according to Microsoft's last update, the 360 is at 38.7 million.

So, using your months with the corrected data that makes 9.3 million a year for the 360 on average versus 10.6 million for the PS3.

FamilyGuy3232d ago

My difference sat at 640K more per year for sony
darkride's difference sits at 700k more per year for sony.

I think you might be the one who has a problem understanding math.

And don't pretend you didn't know where the PS3 numbers I posted came from, you're on this site more than often enough not to have missed the financial report related topics (there were many)

The Maxx3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

You still don't understand my post. This will be my last reply since I am starting to think you are still in High school taking Basic Math.

I said by doing it my way (the correct way) and the way that Darkride did, you get a more >>ACCURATE<< answer. This is not about who sold more, it's about being accurate with your breakdown. Your breakdown using basic math states that the first year the PS3 was released it sold 8.38 million, but it didn't since it was only out for 2 months. You doing this takes away sales on a per year basis. Like you said, the difference between your answers and Darkride's is 60,000+ a year. I hope you can see this, if you can't then I am sorry to have tried to help you understand advanced math.

Anon19743232d ago

This article has the numbers posted, you were the one that questioned where they came from. I just helped you along. If you knew where the numbers came from, then you knew they were correct and the numbers that Sony Exec threw out a while back were not up to date.

If you knew this, why did you ask?

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shark973233d ago

ps3 numbers are real .. dont know about the others

Hidden Star3233d ago

Yeah the PS3 numbers are always real isn't it?


Hidden Star3233d ago

If it came from the 3 head honchos then I don't see what's wrong with it.

madmonkey03233d ago

nothing, they can be nothing other than 100% acurate becuase they came from the officail reports.

kemiru3233d ago

IMO x360 sales are too high by 1.5 million-2 million. The results of Nintendo and Sony are right.

heroprotagonist3233d ago

Why? Because you don't want to believe it?

If these indeed came from the companies' reports then they are accurate.

Bathyj3233d ago

I'm sure M$'s numbers are correct.

The problem is if you want to know how many are actually in homes, not just sold, you would have to deduct the RRoD's.

Even if it was only 10%, that would be about 4M units. The install bases are closer than people think.

starchild3233d ago

bathyj, then why does the 360 sell so much more software?

commodore643233d ago

@ bathyj & starchild

.. more to the point, we need to consider why the ps3 software sales are on track to be roughly the same in FY 09 as FY 08.

If the 360 numbers need a 'rrod adjustment', then, indeed, what explains the excellent 360 software sales?

Further, what explains the relatively stagnant ps3 software sales, given 13 million new ps3s were sold in 2009?

I tells ya, it just don't add up!

The Maxx3233d ago

Ah but it does all add up.

360 owners go out and buy the same game multiple times because they are young and don't understand the value of money....

And PS3 owners ALL share their games because they are so friendly and mature....

You just have to look at it through a particular pair of Mathematical loyalist goggles that belong to a particular camp....

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John_Dylan3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

So, (taking into account PSOne Slim, Xbox, GBA and Gamecube consoles sold), since 2000:

NINTENDO: sold 21.7 mil Gamecubes
sold 81.5 mil GBA's (SP/M)
(+67.5 +125.1) = 295.8 mil units.


SONY: sold 28.1 mil PS One Slims
(+63 +33.5 +145.7) = 287.9 mil units.


MICROSOFT: Sold 27.1 mil Xbox units
(+ 38.7) = 65.3 mil units.


Im part of the 145 mil for the PS2 and 38.7 for the 360, but man talking about "head starts" (comment made by Sony exec.) Sony has been in the gaming business since 1994, Nintendo even longer way back in 1973, so for being a relative Newbie into the gaming market Microsoft is doing quite well for itself and its brand.

Gamers should rejoice in having new 360 competition to raise the standard for our gaming pleasures, and STOP KICKING out the new kid in the class.

Karooo3233d ago

360 is backed by the one of the richest company in the world.

The Maxx3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

And the PS3 is also backed by one of the richest companies in the world. Not too mention much more experienced in the gaming industry and the building of the hardware.

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