Gameplanet: Dante's Inferno Review

Gameplanet writes: "Gameplanet is by no means an ivory tower occupied by tweed-coated academics, prone to choking on their figs and prosciutto upon learning of the debasement of a prized cultural heirloom, but it must be said that we picked up Dante's Inferno with some trepidation.

After all, Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy is a poem of particular significance to Western literary history. It has been admired and disdained – but always treated with a certain kind of respect – for more than seven hundred years."

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Optical_Matrix3209d ago

I'm laughing so hard right now. I thought this was meant to be the GoW killer. Proves that if you try too hard to be something you'll never'll fail. Same will happen with Quantum ripping off the mighty Gears of War 1 (GoW2 was poo), and when GT5 is released it will put Forza 3 in it's place. HAHAHA