Are Mass Effect 2 and other EA games forerunners of a scarier (costlier) future for gamers?

For some time now, the gaming industry has been running away with the concept of DLC to squeeze more money out of the gaming populace. Thinkdigit feels that the concept of DLC - especially with relation to console games - has of late broken new grounds in being ridiculous and at times in being downright offensive. Even though they are the not the only guilty party, our recent experience with Mass Effect 2 and other releases from Electronic Arts has been a sobering one.

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kaveti66163209d ago

The cost will continue to go up generation after generation.

The publishers sometimes justify the price increase by saying that they often will invest more money in new IPs knowing that they will fail, so they need to recoup their losses.

There are also issues of piracy. For example, if someone can afford a game but finds out that he can get it for free, would he still pay for the game?

Another reason is production costs. Development of games costs more nowadays because of new technology.

I don't see how Mass Effect 2 is any indicator of a costlier future. At least, I don't see how it's more of an indicator than the massive amounts of DLC that other games receive. Look at Fallout 3. It has like 5 DLC expansions on it, each costing an additional 10 bucks right? The total price of the game plus expansions comes to 115 bucks for a console gamer.

Publishers are eventually going to start nickel and diming wherever they can. Unlockable outfits, downloadable maps, extra campaign quests, etc.

On PC, such acts are considered damnable, but it's commonplace for console owners this gen.

chak_3209d ago

this trend as to stop, but seeing how they're selling sh*tload of them everytime...

I hate sheeps

Just a side note, I've nothing against DLC in it's real form, like GTA's, but crap like horse armor or dead space skins are a SHAME, and it's insulting I find

kraze073209d ago

DLC should be free period. I'm alright with paying for full expansions of a game, but DLC is usually content that should have been in the original game or at least released for free.

STICKzophrenic3209d ago

This dude's complaint with ME2's DLC is retarded.

Zaeed and Normandy Crash Site are free if you bought your copy new.

How much is a used copy of ME2 right now? Probably $54.99. Oh no, you saved $5, but now because you're cheap, you have to spend $15 to get Cerberus.

Quit being a [email protected], support the developers, and buy the game new. You'll save yourself $10.

JeffGUNZ3209d ago

exactly. I have cerbeus network, normandy crash site, thezaheed mission, themeus armor, and the 3 Dr. Peper headgear downloads and they were all free. Their is actually a link for the free codes for the head gear that increase your skills on n4g, just click the mass effect section grouped articles to find it. Two of those are side missions and the rest are gear, and they cost me nothing. As long as they keep providing free DLC once in a while then I don't mind paying for DLC in the future. Plus, DLC is always optional and does not effect the outcome of the original story. If you don't like the principle of it, then don't purchase it, simple as that. It's night like you hit the Omega 4 relay and then all of the sudden a screen pops up stating "must download Omega 4 relay DLC from marketplace to complete the game!".