General Games: MAG Review

Playing MAG is a very different experience than what you're getting from your typical multiplayer shooter. For those looking for a Call of Duty clone you'll be sorely dissapointed, MAG is a tactical game that relies less on the individual and more on the team. The metagame only gives back as much as you put in to it, but that means for those willing to invest themselves MAG will pay back in dividends.

It's not a perfect game, but nothing that can't be fixed with updates. One thing can be said for certain, even at a full price-point MAG is the best multiplayer-only experience available on any console.

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nix3208d ago

the above comment was "copied and pasted" for alpha. q:

raztad3208d ago

I have been saying that for a while, glad someone else agrees with me. MAG is such a game, it deserves at least a honest try.