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Submitted by Braineater2448 2195d ago | news

SEGA unveils Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I (Previously Project Needlemouse)

At midnight (PST) on February 4th, SEGA unveiled Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, previously Project Needlemouse, on Gamespot. The game will be downloadable on Wii, PS3, and 360. (Culture, PS3, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Wii, Xbox 360)

Update Gamespot changed the link. Here is the new one:;img;3&mode=previews

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Torkith  +   2195d ago
Sonic 4 Confirmed!
blu_yu_away  +   2195d ago
Sure does look pretty.
qface64  +   2195d ago
soo... that's it?
Torkith  +   2195d ago
That's it? I was a kid when I played through Sonic 1,2,3 and Sonic&Knuckles when I first got my Sega Genesis. I still play them from time to time. Sonic 4 is a huge game for the fans that were kids. We're talking 16 years since Sonic 3, 19 years since the first Sonic. Unless your like 12... then you wouldn't really know would you?

Though granted I'm not a fan of the redesigned "cooler" Sonic look, at least it's Sonic 4 and it's gone back to it roots. Day 1 purchase for me regardless.
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baum  +   2195d ago
Seems like a response to Megaman 9 and 10. Like they took a page from capcom's strategy or something. I hope it's not another failure like most recent Sonic games.
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sinncross  +   2195d ago
I was somehow expecting 2D game with high res HD sprites.

That said, this looks like it could be fun though I am worried about the whole 'Episode' thing.
Bilbo65  +   2195d ago
How is this anything like megaman 9? they are using hd not the same retro sprites.
And Capcom wasn't first to create remakes u realize, people sure love comparing x game to y game here.

Anyway it looks great i grew up with sonic i am already hyped don't let me down Sonic!
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TheDeadMetalhead  +   2195d ago
I'm sure Sega will find some imaginative way to f*** it up.
oobob  +   2195d ago
This is a response to mario, not megaman 9.

Sega has failed trying to make a 3d successor to sonic for decades with the mass appeal of the originals. Nintendo decides to make 2d Mario and sells 10 million plus, dwarfing the sales of the 3d Mario titles. Sonic was the rival franchise to Mario and sold similarly in 16 bit days. Sega announces 2d sonic shortly thereafter.
vhero  +   2195d ago
Thank god they went back to old school for STH4 my sons gonna love this!
MEsoJD  +   2195d ago
My interst went slightly up
i don't want to hype this game at all because of all the Disappointment Sega has caused me.

Well Sega Don't FCUK THIS UP!!!!!!!
Mini Mario  +   2195d ago
Hell yes! Not everything has to be 3D.

Hopefully more and more 2D games keep coming.

Sonic belongs in 2D. This is where he is the master. (next to mario)
Jamegohanssj5  +   2194d ago
Wait no flop? God damnit I lost.

Redempteur  +   2194d ago
ok ok ok so far so good ..

2D check ..
hd check ...

argh downloadable only ?? ( i dislike this .. i 'd rather have a box )

Episodes ?? ( the first better be good and at a reasonable price ! )

How many level by episode ? How many episodes in total ?

it can't help but think that they will do a "sega" by trying to empty my wallet ...
Rocket Sauce  +   2194d ago
The "episode" thing bothers me. Looks like they're setting everybody up for milkage.

But I'm a sucker, so they've got my money - this looks sweet
execution17  +   2194d ago
yes i knew it, :) gonna be the first sonic game i'm going to buy since sonic adventure on the dreamcast
AntoineDcoolette  +   2194d ago
Hot damn sonic is back baby! Though, I too was expecting sprites O_o. Whatever! He's back in his side scrolling loop running glory!
drummerx2709  +   2194d ago
So basically Sega is doing what Nintendo did to the Mario series with Super Mario Bros Wii. Nice!

Its good to see Sega finally going back to its roots.

I'll be downloading Sonic 4 on my PS3 the very second it comes out!
beardpapa  +   2194d ago
All the Genesis Sonics were good except for the one on 32X and maybe Sonic CD. I liked the dreamcast Sonic Adventure but all the rest of the Sonics later sucked hard.

I hope this one returns to the 2D roots with high-def graphics of course.
execution17  +   2194d ago
and i thought sonic cd was the best sonic gave ever and the last best sonic game that came out
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2195d ago
Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh

" Sonic 4 will be a 2D game with 3D visuals for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii and will be distributed as a downloadable game upon its release this summer"

We'll all get to play some good old scnic!

LMAO so that was the image! the speculation about the character featured on the cover was crazy and hilarious. I'm still dead @ the Pikachu one.
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LordMarius  +   2195d ago
I guess Sega has decided to go back to its roots
user858621  +   2195d ago
and its about damn time!!
mastiffchild  +   2194d ago
Considering the demo for S:U showe ONLY the platforming, speedy Sonci and NO Werehog levels I'm pretty cerain Sega knew all along what people really liked and anted-finally they look happy to give it to us!

My missus is gong to go barmy over this. Absolutely dotty-even now she says she feels "dirty" playing Mario games and the fall from grace of Sega's mascot has actually, really embarassed her! This should be like pixellated soap for the girl!
Theonik  +   2194d ago
Buying this day 1, so glad my hopes came true!
swiftshot93  +   2195d ago
ahall88nhl  +   2195d ago
Called it, like I guess everyone else did when project needlemouse was made public :p
Can't wait!
Braineater2448  +   2195d ago
Woo! Cant wait!!
Gambit07  +   2195d ago
Does anyone still care about Sonic?
Braineater2448  +   2195d ago
We hope that he can return to his glory days. Back when he was fun to play with!
RH06  +   2194d ago
"Does anyone still care about Sonic?"
This coming from someone with an 8bit avatar...LoL
-MD-  +   2195d ago
I need a better quality video than this one, how quickly does gametrailers put these vids up?
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2195d ago
Looks good, but i hope they add some new things to the olf formula, not like weresonic or anything, just something to add more...
Fatal Blow  +   2195d ago
Its a good thing sonic is going back to its roots never should have left that place any way lol looks like am getting this now well i still need to see the game play before i really go for it
englandsbest316  +   2195d ago
Short........ but sweet.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome back Blue Blur :-)

Episodic too, first Sonic 4, then Sonic 4 & Knuckles?

Happy days either way.
Sangria  +   2195d ago
Sounds promising, I'm still dubious about the episodic way, but so far excepted Sonic's legs animations, I'm conquered.
Arnon  +   2195d ago
Yup. Totally called this. Freaking win.
Mahr  +   2195d ago
Thank goodness that it only took them fifteen years to get around to this.
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Noob  +   2195d ago
Mortal Kombat needs to return to 2D. The game was more competitive and fun that way.
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koehler83  +   2195d ago
Nickel and Diming confirmed!
Optical_Matrix  +   2195d ago
In what way??
When there hasn't been a true sequel to Sonic 3 in donkeys years. Wth are you on about.
Erotic Sheep  +   2194d ago
I think he's talking about the episode thing, which I fully understand..
Oztheboss  +   2195d ago
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2195d ago
When is this amazing game coming out?! Because I already know that it'll be amazing!
Nugan  +   2195d ago
I'm withholding judgment until they say how long each episode will be and how much they will cost. The interview seems to imply that the first episode will be equivalent to one of the original Sonic titles. Does that mean that it will have about 8-12 zones, like the originals? If so, that would be worthwhile. If it is only 2-3 zones for $10-15, count me out.
BlackIceJoe  +   2195d ago
I think this is great. I hope it just has Sonic, Knuckles & Tails none of the other ones. Those three are great.

Plus I hope this means Dr. Robotnic is back. I will never call him by that other name. Robotnic is who he is and will always be to me.
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BYE  +   2195d ago
Why Episode 1?

If I buy it on PSN I want to play a full game, not only one episode!
KeiKei  +   2194d ago
wow you are stupid...
CaptainPunch  +   2195d ago
Looks like SEGA listened to the fans. I remember playing Sonic on the genesis, good old days. I hope it has multiplayer.

PSN ID - gfeud
gumgum99  +   2195d ago
Awesome trailer! now all is right in the multiverse. ^_^
John_Dylan  +   2195d ago
360 Xbox fans and PS3 fans all talking merrily in unison, all bonded by a link stronger than what many of the current generation can only laugh and sneer at; SEGA's one and only Sonic the Hedgehog.
FragMnTagM  +   2194d ago
Strange isn't it?
Most of the time we are at each others necks over stupid things like slightly better graphics on a multi-plat game and so on. It is refreshing to see everyone get along for once.
Sonic the Hedgehog  +   2194d ago
your welcome *wags finger*
pcz  +   2195d ago
Sega HAVE effed it up already!
Download only!? I can't play it then. And im sure there are millions of others who will miss out because they don't have an internet connection.

Sega really are idiots.

The biggest con is, Sega will probably release the game on disc once all the episodes have been released online. Episodic? Its obvious Sega are just trying to milk gamers for profit.

Why don't they just release the game on solid media?

Sega haven't got a clue. They are going about things the wrong way (as usual.)

#25 (Edited 2195d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PirateThom  +   2195d ago
Yes, I agree, why release a $10 download when they can release the same game for $50 on disc.

Screw you, Sega!
oobob  +   2194d ago
There are lower priced disc games out there. Bikini zombie slayers? Castle of Shikagimi 3? Spyborgs? Sky Crawlers? These are all deliberate budget titles that started at 30 or less. One price drop and some were 10 or less. I got spyborgs for 5 dollars, bikini zombie slayers for 10, castle of shikagimi 3 for 10, and sky crawlers for 30.

The disc is insurance that you can always play the game. One reason they like digital distribution is that if they stop supporting these systems in the future and your games die with your console you have to buy them again. This ignores selling them used.

I like having the disc because then a bunch of technocrati nerds who touch themselves when they talk about cloud computing don't control everything about the rights, license, and data I paid for.
#25.2 (Edited 2194d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Redempteur  +   2194d ago
exactly i relly want my disc ...

i actually bough sonic unleashed ps3 "used" so the damage i took was less than if i bought it "full price"

disc release are perfect feel like you own the item ..

but anyway ..if this work .. sega won't hesitate to resell all the episodes on one disc ...
pcz  +   2194d ago
Release the game at a budget price.

Tatsunoko vs capcom is 25GBP. That is an excellent price!

Releasing a 'big' release like this as download only is foolish.

Unless of course its not 'big,' Maybe Sega don't have faith in their own game.

Download only... When will sega ever learn.
poopsack  +   2194d ago
so the biggest con, contradicts your first point, allowing you to play the game in that situation.. yet its the biggest con!?
HINDERIZATION  +   2194d ago
you make me lol sir.
bubbles to you!
MK24ever  +   2195d ago
Hyped to the roof, bring it on, many episodes please, I believe that gamer with around my age (28) are VERY excited with a new 2D REAL Sonic Game!!
deno  +   2195d ago
cool your jets man!!!
It seems true gaming is still alive. I have been waiting for this game for 15 yrs, and finally we get a real sequel. Sega your next game should be streets of rage 4 then shenmue 3.
#27 (Edited 2195d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2194d ago
so this will be episodic. well. lets see if it works. as long as the gameplay stays to its roots then its all good. Im glad they went back to the basics. they took a step forward with that if they wanted Sonic to be popular again.
Nakiro  +   2194d ago
They need to improve that running animation.. it looks rather retarded.. would have been better if they actually used the previous sprites, ALL of them looked better then these new "improved" ones.
Auron  +   2194d ago
This pleases me
I cant wait.
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