OXCGN Hands-On With Lost Planet 2 & Super Street Fighter 4

OXCGN writes: "I'm not a massive fan of Street Fighter (Mortal Kombat is my preferred fighter) and Lost Planet 1 never really grabbed my attention to experience it as there were plenty of other great games out at the time of its release, so my initial expectations upon walking into the room which THQ had set up last week to profile their upcoming games, Lost Planet 2 , Super Street Fighter IV, MotoGP 2010 (all tested on PS3) and of course Metro 2033 (tested on Xbox360) down at their PR Managers rooms in the Sydney CBD was, to be honest, quite low."

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gaminoz3208d ago

I enjoyed the mechs in Lost Planet....but not sure if this game can compete with the rest at the moment.

BadCircuit3208d ago

I haven't played either of those games but maybe I will after reading this. I especially like Lost Planet 2. It sounds great.

XboxOZ3603208d ago

Not my cuppa tea, didn't like the first, and while this looks great visually, I still can't get my head around the fact you can grab and wield guns that are 3 times the size of a human being, yet the game tries to be realistic . cough cough.

Will give it a go of course, as I dont like passing judgment on a game without at least playing the retail version . .but nah. . not one I'd buy as a keeper.

Belgavion3208d ago

Lost Planet is still probably the only semi-major 360 title I've never played, but I'm interested in what they've done with the sequel because the first looked dull to me.

Godem3208d ago

the lost planet 2 demo they released ages ago, sucked so bad imo.