Putting the 'gay' in gaming

BeefJack says: I've always been pretty intolerant towards intolerance, which I've been told is bad; apparently any form of intolerance is still, indeed, intolerance. But, since growing up and watching many of my close friends come out, I've taken special issue with homophobia. In the words of comedian Louis C. K., "I never understood anger towards gay people, because a person being gay doesn't affect your life. So, it's weird to me that people [are in their] homes going, 'Ugh, people are gay… Dammit!'" For the most part, it's not like it really affects you.

However, the problem doesn't lie within whether someone's 'gayness' affects you; the underlying issue rests within people who are simply unfamiliar with any kind of gay friendship or community. My theory is that games can permeate all these stigmas. After all, it's why we play games, isn't it? Don't we play games to experience things from afar, to live lives and interact with characters that we couldn't or wouldn't otherwise?

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LordMarius3207d ago

The bots already do that, LMAO

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Cyrus3653207d ago

Interesting article, especially didn't know about the heavy rain stuff, that David Cage would want to make a game you only play once...I know it's a bit off topic at hand.

macalatus3207d ago

However, my fellow Sony gamers, there is one thing in the whole videogaming community that is so disturbing that no one likes to talk about it. That thing, my fellow Sony gamers, is the "homo-obsessive" feelings of 360 fanboys toward Halo's Master Chief. As a matter of fact, right now the 360 fanboys are secretly writing requests to Tecmo that the next 360 exclusive Dead or Alive game would feature a Master Chief wearing nothing but an "eye-patch" sized Speedo.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

Lich1203207d ago

You're a f*cking tool. I hope you realize this. That and you missed you whole point of the article.

F*cking tool...

theEnemy3207d ago

err. that would be



TOO PAWNED3207d ago

You can't force gayness on 95% of gamers that buy games and are not gays. If you want gayness in your games, then become game designer, stop asking from to do it for you

Braska3207d ago

Agreed. He didn't miss it, he made his own.

LoVeRSaMa3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

He missed the point by this much:

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