30 of the Most Boring Screenshots Ever

Normally, promotional pics are veritable works of art, carefully composed to ensure that they catch the eye with a certain degree of impact. Sometimes, however, they are so dull that the only thing they could possibly sell is ditchwater.

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PS360WII4165d ago

usually all screen shots are boring. Even the cool ones aren't really all that because if you want to see what the game really is like you need to watch a trailer or a demo. A picture is not going to be the way to find out if a game is exciting or not

toughluck4165d ago

I felt that they'd chosen some particularity boring screens, and the fact that publishers sent them out amused me.

MK_Red4165d ago

Actually, I liked this. The idea of most boring screens. Another day, another GamesRadar feature. I kinda like their strange subjects like this one. Pikmin one was really touching.

Bill Gates4165d ago

Any screenshots from the Halo 3 Beta should definitely be on the list....hahahahahhaha