Elimin8: The Worst Gaming Consoles

From the Virtual Boy and the N Gage to the Phillips CD-I and even the Nintendo DSi, 411's Josh Boykin breaks down the 8 worst gaming consoles ever! See which consoles made the list and why!

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ASSASSYN 36o3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

FTA-"But Nintendo decided to go with the more expensive, smaller-storage capacity cartridge format in an attempt to combat piracy. Way to win the battle and lose the war, Nintendo."

Sony was making a disc format system the SNES-CD for nintendo and then decided to make their own console. The ps1's origin is from the technology that was going to be a nintendo/sony console. The playstation name was owned by nintendo jointly with sony.
Nintendo had little options but to go with a cartridge when their deal with sony fell through. Playstation is old. In 1991 the first ps1 prototypes were made.