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LordMarius3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Whoa hold the phone

GT? Really?

Edit: yeah they sort of liked the multiplayer
....and this is suppose to be a trilogy? ...

Homicide3236d ago

They didn't like the single player.

Nikuma3236d ago

Pretty decent score for a pretty mediocre looking JRPG. I'm sure there are quite a few hardcore jrpg fans out there that will enjoy WKC quite a bit. Personally I can only truly enjoy the best of the best when it comes to JRPGs. I really hope Persona 5 comes to the PS3 and delivers.

masterofpwnage3236d ago

who knows, it might get better in the future.

Homicide3236d ago

Yeah, WKC is going to be a trilogy. They're already working on the second one.

Saaking3236d ago

I'm surprised GT, some of the biggest PS3 bashers, actually gave WKC a higher score than most others. Wow.

baum3236d ago

They must think that giving a "better" score to WKC will somehow make everyone forget that they gave MW2 PS3 GOTY (LOL) instead of uncharted 2.

Chubear3236d ago

Out of curiosity, didn't this already come out in JPN? and weren't RPG gamers already anticipating this in NA after it's launch in JPN?

I'm not a JRPG gamer but I seem to remember a lot of NA gamers crying for it's release in NA. They already know how the game is from JPN gamers info don't they?

FamilyGuy3235d ago

It' review scores back then were 7s, famitsu i think.

It didn't have any of the online components back then though, they received them as DLC.
WKCs2 should be out this year in japan.

vhero3235d ago

Scores are meaningless these days anyways some of the bet games I played this generations have had lower than 9 scores and I have played some above 9/10 games and hated them. Honestly reviews these days are too biased whomever reviews them for whatever reason. I am not talking about GT in particular here but nobody actually reviews games like they used to. They have to change the rules thanks to wii and fanboyism.

Honestly my answer to the whole thing is games rental package I would advise anybody else to do the same. If you really like it then buy it. *simples* Obviously FF13 is day 1 for me as a long fan of the series as is SO4. I am also getting WKC on day 1 purely because I love JRPG's even the bad ones I can get fun out of. So if your not sure about WKC thanks to low reviews then rent/borrow it first.

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unrealgamer583236d ago

i'll still give it a try, i really stopped listening to reviews.

vhero3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Good call I have too mate since GTA IV review. I lost all faith in reviews system round about then. As with a score of 96-98% average everybody should love the game and in fact I cannot stand it yet I loved Vice City so its not like I hate GTA. They just don't know how to review no more.

chidori6663236d ago

damn.. gt pwnds the ignorance. ;)

blitz06233236d ago

Well this is surprising. I think this confirms my hunch that IGN and Gamespot fell in love with Mass Effect 2 and WRPGs in general that when they played WKC, things just weren't the same.

happy_gilmore3236d ago

no way dragon's age is a 9. graphically wkc looks better. now, mass effect 2 looks fine but as a third person shooter it falls short and as an rpg, no stats =/= rpg. it's a bland shooter with long boring dialogues. overrated. good voice acting, though.

now, wkc is a solid game. not way it's a 5.1.

3236d ago
THE MAX SPEED 213236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

What the score isnt 8++ ? well yeah I call Bias on that one also! PS3 games cant be bad. I think this has to do with microsoft, SOmething must be wrong with all the WKC and mag reviews. MS must have paid reviewers to screw a 2 year old game that came in america a little too late for it to be received at it's full potetial. Yeah MS is behind it. I think they'Re also behind Cross edge bad reviews and also behind mag's.

im mad >:(


lames yall need a reality check. There aint no such thing as a conspicary going on against PS3 games. Just face it PS3 can have lame games aswell . that's it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3236d ago

I wonder if his parents have to listen to this garbage all day too...

What do you guys think?

THE MAX SPEED 213236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Why would I talk about videogames with my mom and dad? why would i talk to my mom and dad about that ps3 fanboys believe in this conspiracy theory that any reviewing site giving a bad score to a PS3 game is corrupted even though the game might suck balls.

smh yall get real.

Blaster_Master3235d ago

Well first off, noone cares what a 360 fan has to say about a ps3 exclusive. Secondly, this game is targeted towards one type of audience, and thats old school rpg fans. If you guys like dragon warrior, skies of arcadia, or FFX then you would absolutely find this game amazing. I was hooked in the first 15 mins, just like every other oldschool jrpg, its all about the lore and character development. Thats what makes jrpg's so special. This game is exactly what Ive been waiting for this whole generation. Finally a rpg that I can waste away hours of my life on. I haven't played an rpg this good since FFX.

nycredude3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


Get a life dude. I don't care how many of your brothers or sisters or boyfriends, or cousins have a Ps3. Fact is YOU don't have one so stfu about it already. No offense but if you're too broke or too cheap to get your own Ps3 then you shouldn't be in every fvcking article spewing your BS like you are some kind of unbiased gamer.

No one brought up MS and any conspiracy until you did so who is the douche here?

BTW buy your own and stop freeloading you loser.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3235d ago

Agreed 100%. despite reviews i still picked this up because i've been waiting so long for this game i just had to. i figured i'd still enjoy it. what i didn't expect was how much i'd love it. It's awesome.

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the_bebop3236d ago

The First the first FPS centric big name US website to actually give a good review to White Knight Chronicles a proper review with a score that actually matches it, as well as not dismissing a JRPG as being stale in a long time.

kewlkat0073236d ago

In the end it probably doesn't matter. I know we say this all the time about most games but if you love a GENRE then you be the judge of a particular game in that GENRE, unless you feel like somebody else's mind, thoughts and feelings toward a game, is more important or somehow better then yours.

Because a person wants a game to do good, you can come up with all types of rational for a site that gives out a high score because it's in line with yours..

Homicide3236d ago

Did you even watch the review? He called the single player a forgettable experience. I'm amazed he gave it a 7.6 after saying that.

the_bebop3236d ago

Yes I did watch it.

Acually I was thinking more alon the lines of the Eurogamer review.

"Having spent far too much of my time ploughing through self-consciously epic Japanese games lately, I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to come across one that doesn't take itself too seriously."

But I do agree that In the end it probably doesn't matter. What matters is if a person likes it it shouldn't matter what some one else says.

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