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Submitted by Nikuma 2197d ago | review

GameTrailers: White Knight Chronicles Review's review of White Knight Chronicles. (PS3, White Knight Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles International Edition) 7.6/10

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LordMarius  +   2197d ago
Whoa hold the phone

GT? Really?

Edit: yeah they sort of liked the multiplayer
....and this is suppose to be a trilogy? ...
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Homicide  +   2197d ago
They didn't like the single player.
Nikuma  +   2197d ago
Pretty decent score for a pretty mediocre looking JRPG. I'm sure there are quite a few hardcore jrpg fans out there that will enjoy WKC quite a bit. Personally I can only truly enjoy the best of the best when it comes to JRPGs. I really hope Persona 5 comes to the PS3 and delivers.
masterofpwnage  +   2197d ago
who knows, it might get better in the future.
Homicide  +   2197d ago
Yeah, WKC is going to be a trilogy. They're already working on the second one.
Saaking  +   2197d ago
I'm surprised GT, some of the biggest PS3 bashers, actually gave WKC a higher score than most others. Wow.
baum  +   2197d ago
They must think that giving a "better" score to WKC will somehow make everyone forget that they gave MW2 PS3 GOTY (LOL) instead of uncharted 2.
Chubear  +   2197d ago
Out of curiosity, didn't this already come out in JPN? and weren't RPG gamers already anticipating this in NA after it's launch in JPN?

I'm not a JRPG gamer but I seem to remember a lot of NA gamers crying for it's release in NA. They already know how the game is from JPN gamers info don't they?
FamilyGuy  +   2197d ago
It came out in Japan long ago
It' review scores back then were 7s, famitsu i think.

It didn't have any of the online components back then though, they received them as DLC.
WKCs2 should be out this year in japan.
vhero  +   2196d ago
Scores are meaningless these days anyways some of the bet games I played this generations have had lower than 9 scores and I have played some above 9/10 games and hated them. Honestly reviews these days are too biased whomever reviews them for whatever reason. I am not talking about GT in particular here but nobody actually reviews games like they used to. They have to change the rules thanks to wii and fanboyism.

Honestly my answer to the whole thing is games rental package I would advise anybody else to do the same. If you really like it then buy it. *simples* Obviously FF13 is day 1 for me as a long fan of the series as is SO4. I am also getting WKC on day 1 purely because I love JRPG's even the bad ones I can get fun out of. So if your not sure about WKC thanks to low reviews then rent/borrow it first.
unrealgamer58  +   2197d ago
i'll still give it a try, i really stopped listening to reviews.
vhero  +   2196d ago
Good call I have too mate since GTA IV review. I lost all faith in reviews system round about then. As with a score of 96-98% average everybody should love the game and in fact I cannot stand it yet I loved Vice City so its not like I hate GTA. They just don't know how to review no more.
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chidori666  +   2197d ago
damn.. gt pwnds the ignorance. ;)
blitz0623  +   2197d ago
Well this is surprising. I think this confirms my hunch that IGN and Gamespot fell in love with Mass Effect 2 and WRPGs in general that when they played WKC, things just weren't the same.
happy_gilmore  +   2197d ago
dude, reviewers has been kissing bioware's a$$ since dragon age's
no way dragon's age is a 9. graphically wkc looks better. now, mass effect 2 looks fine but as a third person shooter it falls short and as an rpg, no stats =/= rpg. it's a bland shooter with long boring dialogues. overrated. good voice acting, though.

now, wkc is a solid game. not way it's a 5.1.
It Only Does Flops   2197d ago | Spam
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2197d ago
What the score isnt 8++ ? well yeah I call Bias on that one also! PS3 games cant be bad. I think this has to do with microsoft, SOmething must be wrong with all the WKC and mag reviews. MS must have paid reviewers to screw a 2 year old game that came in america a little too late for it to be received at it's full potetial. Yeah MS is behind it. I think they'Re also behind Cross edge bad reviews and also behind mag's.

im mad >:(


lames yall need a reality check. There aint no such thing as a conspicary going on against PS3 games. Just face it PS3 can have lame games aswell . that's it.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2197d ago
I wonder if his parents have to listen to this garbage all day too...

What do you guys think?
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2197d ago
Why would I talk about videogames with my mom and dad? why would i talk to my mom and dad about that ps3 fanboys believe in this conspiracy theory that any reviewing site giving a bad score to a PS3 game is corrupted even though the game might suck balls.

smh yall get real.
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Blaster_Master  +   2197d ago
Well first off, noone cares what a 360 fan has to say about a ps3 exclusive. Secondly, this game is targeted towards one type of audience, and thats old school rpg fans. If you guys like dragon warrior, skies of arcadia, or FFX then you would absolutely find this game amazing. I was hooked in the first 15 mins, just like every other oldschool jrpg, its all about the lore and character development. Thats what makes jrpg's so special. This game is exactly what Ive been waiting for this whole generation. Finally a rpg that I can waste away hours of my life on. I haven't played an rpg this good since FFX.
nycredude  +   2197d ago

Get a life dude. I don't care how many of your brothers or sisters or boyfriends, or cousins have a Ps3. Fact is YOU don't have one so stfu about it already. No offense but if you're too broke or too cheap to get your own Ps3 then you shouldn't be in every fvcking article spewing your BS like you are some kind of unbiased gamer.

No one brought up MS and any conspiracy until you did so who is the douche here?

BTW buy your own and stop freeloading you loser.
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xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   2196d ago
Agreed 100%. despite reviews i still picked this up because i've been waiting so long for this game i just had to. i figured i'd still enjoy it. what i didn't expect was how much i'd love it. It's awesome.
the_bebop  +   2197d ago
The First the first FPS centric big name US website to actually give a good review to White Knight Chronicles a proper review with a score that actually matches it, as well as not dismissing a JRPG as being stale in a long time.
kewlkat007  +   2197d ago
I didn't give you a disagree(btw) but I'm sure we all like to favor top scores out of the bunch
In the end it probably doesn't matter. I know we say this all the time about most games but if you love a GENRE then you be the judge of a particular game in that GENRE, unless you feel like somebody else's mind, thoughts and feelings toward a game, is more important or somehow better then yours.

Because a person wants a game to do good, you can come up with all types of rational for a site that gives out a high score because it's in line with yours..
Homicide  +   2197d ago
Did you even watch the review? He called the single player a forgettable experience. I'm amazed he gave it a 7.6 after saying that.
the_bebop  +   2197d ago
Yes I did watch it.

Acually I was thinking more alon the lines of the Eurogamer review.

"Having spent far too much of my time ploughing through self-consciously epic Japanese games lately, I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to come across one that doesn't take itself too seriously."

But I do agree that In the end it probably doesn't matter. What matters is if a person likes it it shouldn't matter what some one else says.
Son_Lee  +   2197d ago
Played it for 3 hours tonight, all single player. I'm really enjoying it. Guys, this is a really good game, but I judged it for myself instead of listening to rewards and I have a RPG I really like. I suggest you do the same.
blind-reaper  +   2197d ago
Someone think that you are lying just to trick us into trying a really bad game... THIS IS ALL A CONSPIRACY!!!
masterofpwnage  +   2197d ago
really lucky ass.
how is it
Son_Lee  +   2197d ago
Yeah, cause it's my personal objective to con you all out of $60. Get a life, man. And the game is really good, so far it's a 8/10 in my book, and I play lots of RPGs. I like it more than Rogue Galaxy, and it's like Dark Cloud 2 meets FFXII. Once you delve into the combat system, it becomes quite fun. I'm actually enjoying the story a bit. Haven't played online yet. Voiceovers are decent, need some work but are definitely listenable. Music is hit or miss. This isn't the greatest RPG for PS3, personally Star Ocean The Last Hope is way more my style, and of course FFXIII, but WKC is great bang for your buck and way better than all these reviews.

Judge it for yourself, though. If you can afford all these games coming out like I was fortunate enough to be able to, then get WKC. I don't even like MMO-style RPGs, and I like this battle system and the game in general. That's gotta count for something.
blind-reaper  +   2197d ago
that was my point
I was saying that because of your disagrees.
the_bebop  +   2197d ago
I am now starting to wonder if I will have time to play both WKC and FFXIII at the same time. Also it seems like the Disagree troll is on the loose looking at my last post on this article.
happy_gilmore  +   2197d ago
about 4 hours in
it's an mmo-style combat that has depth and can be fun. creating combos is very fun ad rewarding. a lot of things to do and i haven't tried georama yet. in-game graphics is actually good but it's the cutscenes graphics that is not on par.

@ shadow gal nope, I can not tell a lie. i actually got wkc when i traded in overrated games like dragon's age and shift and 2 other games. i got a $200 store credit. i'm really happy i got a good deal for those two craps. palyed dragon's age for around 15 hours and got bored and nfs is an ice-skating sim. only reason i'm not playing wkc right now is because i'm watching the lakers.
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SonySoldierEternaL  +   2197d ago
srry but even i have to admit,

White Knight Floppicles
Shadow Man  +   2197d ago
You hate White Knight and forcing yourself to like it, won't bring you $60 back.
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2197d ago
Man, I agree, I've been playing for around 4-6 hours and this game's incredibly fun! Seriously I just can't believe this reviews!!!!! And there are so many armors and weapon combinations that I'm addicted! The online aspect makes this game even more fun because you just can take a break from the main game and tackle some quest with random people online or with friends and find newer and more awesome weapons and armors. Another thing is that the graphics are really nice, the environments are huge, pretty and filled with chests and hidden items.

I wasn't going to buy this game because of reviews but a friend convinced me to do it and let me tell, I have no regrets. This game is like playing Monster Hunter but better.

BTW We need to spread the word that this game is fuking awesome because these so called reviewers are a bunch of losers. They almost make me miss this game. =0
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Dsnyder  +   2197d ago
7th genreation:Death of the JRPG
Drakes_Fortune  +   2197d ago
And that makes you happy? Jeez get a life dude.
And FFXIII will be an awsome game.

WKC on the other hand, is just another Level 5 poor game. I think the only game i kinda enjoyed from them was Dark Cloud, and that cause it was my first ps2 game.

Level 5 gets many of his ideas of FF. WKC combat is a FF12 rip off. The thing is, FF12 is a 4 years old game already.

Rougue Galaxy was also another FF12 rip off. Lol it even had the Lincess board.

And the stories and characters are always boring, cliche and unoriginal.

Sorry but its the true, now go and disagree.
Optical_Matrix  +   2197d ago
lol just another poor level 5 game...yup the same Level 5 that developed Inazuma 11 Series, Professor Layton Series, Dark Cloud series and Dragon Quest VII and IX. All critically acclaimed games/franchises. Cut the BS
Aclay  +   2197d ago
Dang, the reviews for WKC are all over the place.... It's a real shame that all the time Level 5 spent on working on the Western version ended up being received like this though.

If WKC was released in the West during Fall 2009 I think it might have fared a little better review wise... the soon release of a JRPG like FFXIII with higher production values (just being honest) isn't in WKC's favor review wise.

These days it almost seems like if a JRPG isn't of Final Fantasy caliber on the PS3/360 it gets gets mostly Average - Solid review scores because I don't recall a single AAA JRPG yet this generation on PS3/360.
hihosilver  +   2197d ago
bought it love it. stop listening to reviewers its just 1 persons opinion buy it rent it try it
Drakes_Fortune  +   2197d ago
Actually its not just one person.
Its getting average or low scores everywhere.
masterofpwnage  +   2197d ago
you know how i know your a b!tch
you listen to what other people tell you and you wont think for your self.

i played lots of games that got low scores and i loved it.
harvest moon
tales of symphonia
and many others.
reviews are stupid now.

i cant wait to get this and magna carter 2.

also i played highly claimed games like
gears1 ( didnt like it )
halo 3 ( didnt like it but multi is fun )
GTA4 ( i hate it didnt even finish it )
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the_bebop  +   2197d ago

not acording to Eurogamer. It got an 8/10.
Sigh  +   2197d ago
Exactly to Arcanine's comment
The western gaming media on JRPG's are just laughable. Same goes for some of Japan's own gaming reviews (they give high scores highly based on HYPE). I've seen alot of stupidity to what is supposed to bring something new to a genre that is hated by many western game reviewers. "Jrpgs gameplay lacks innovation, lacks good story telling", blah blah blah. Did MW2 do something new to the shooting genre? No. Did Dragon Age: Origins do anything new for the RPG genre? No. Both are great though. I even love enjoy playing the Dynasty warrior games even if it's doing the same formula of just hack n slashing many AI's. If it ain't broke, don't fix it as the saying goes. But it's obvious that the ultimate decision should be decided on one's self, if anyone looks to the gaming media to form their own opinions, that is just sad.

I can see why WKC did so low though, but if anyone is asking for LEVEL 5 to innovate, as I annoyingly keep hearing from the western gaming media as their excuse for most JRPG's, they are just hypocrites, plain and simple.
#11.4 (Edited 2197d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sonyslave3  +   2197d ago
IN before sony droids
today is the day GT lost all credibility
CernaML  +   2197d ago
No. They lost all credibility ever since they gave Modern Warfare 2 the Game of the Year award.
bubble-raping mod   2197d ago | Spam
Sigh  +   2197d ago
Good thing this won't be the only WKC title. Looking forward to the next 2 titles.
Maybe by then they can make improvements to please the western reviewers who know what it takes to take JRPGS to the next level!(Yeah right hypocrites, playing double standards, I see no innovation at all from western rpgs either). Getting this game though, ever since PS3 was announced along with this title, previously to be a launch title, I have been waiting forever.
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Godmars290  +   2197d ago
Cant help but feel that reviewers were expecting something more out of JRPGs than the usual. Some evolution in the HD era.

And like them I'm disappointed to not see it, but I'm not surprised. Holding it against the games.

Not much anyway...
#14 (Edited 2197d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NoOoB101  +   2197d ago
Im waiting to get my tax return to buy this game, don't really care for the story so it wont bother me, mainly getting it for the online to play with my friend. And to build my own town haha.

I could care less bout the reviews, i play socom a lot and that was reviewed low as well but i find that game far more entertaining than most. So instead of going by reviews why don't you rent it? if you don't like it don't buy it that simple.
unrealgamer58  +   2197d ago
because you want you're parents love and they never returned it with any other subject
Iceberg032  +   2197d ago
I understand people checking
out reviews but do you guy's really use them to determine wether or not you are going to buy a game that you are interested in.Damn I have never done that if I was interested in a game but wasn't sure if was good or not I would rent it or borrow from a friend then make a decision. I don't understand people that determine if they are gonna buy a game based on someone elses opinion.Some people like onions on their burger and some don't but you wont know wether you do or not unless you try it first,that's all Iam saying.
FantasyStar  +   2197d ago
I understand your point, but you got to know that you feel that "most people" do those things (you know what I mean: reviews and blah) because they have an extreme opinion about it or just want attention and post anyways.

Most people who think like you don't even bother to post. This is my only post here and it's to persuade you not to let the vocal minority of gamers give you a bad taste about gamers in general. Just do what you normally intend to do and be on with your business.
#17.1 (Edited 2197d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
emk2004  +   2197d ago
jrpgs just cant do right this gen. ff13 might be the only one with high score and thats because of the name.
LiquifiedArt  +   2197d ago
i still dont know how FF13 can get high scores
They removed everything RPGish about it and turned it into a linear cinematic. I may actually pass on FF13 (and i have every FF ever, with strat guides all mint)

I'm super dissapointed. I think WKC is a good game. Bad? no. Amazing? no. Good? yes.
DigitalAnalog  +   2197d ago
I've got a feeling JRPG's has sort of lost it's light....
Still buying the game though.


-End statement
testerg35  +   2197d ago
Does there really need to be excuses for every bad review of PS3 exclusives? Its not possible that there are just ok games for the PS3 too?
CaptainPunch  +   2197d ago
I'm sorry but GameTrailers lost all credibility when they gave Modern Warfare 2 the best PS3 game award. They could of given White Knight Chronicles 10/10 and I wouldn't take them seriously.
labwarrior  +   2197d ago
Well, does not get any better as it seems. As i feared the game has a terrible single player too
Since they tried to make a MMO, they destroyed any good single player experience as well, the worst thing that is that could happen

So, that 7.6/10 is like a 1/10 for me that never play online (and HATE playing online too)
Magna Farta  +   2197d ago
ugh...there's always some annoying animal character with a goofy stupid noise or voice that makes me feel embarrassed to be playing it

I've noticed that I haven't been able to stomach a lot of JRPG's lately because of either really annoying characters or really annoying animal characters.
mt  +   2197d ago
when it comes to JRPG .
don't look for reviews because you are the reviewer . and the same could be applied for all genres .
labwarrior  +   2197d ago
Indeed, i have seen gameplay videos of most of WKC, and was always a 2/10 game max for me
It tried to be generic as a MMO, and i hate MMO's, but this went even further as it seems

I guess people that play online might find something good, i only see a boredom of extreme proportions myself

BTW it is funny how people here dismiss every site that give the game low scores (that is most big sites)

Gametrilers is not reliable after xxx reason
Gamespot is biased and can't play a good RPG
IGN lost credibility after yyy reason

etc etc
Really funny and pathetic damage control if you ask me
edonus   2197d ago | Spam
ironmonkey  +   2197d ago
same here i also purchased it i actually enjoy the online alot. it gets harder on those quests. the battles are open u can pretty much run anywhere. the character creations are cool to. i made my first town its kool to see random people join and wanting to quest. dont listen to the reviews its up to u people to find out and review it urself wether u rent or buy it but in my opinion its actually pretty good and id give it an 8/10
Figboy  +   2197d ago
i just played another 5+ hours today,
and i have to say i'm loving it. i'm a Level 5 fan, and their RPGs have never written the book on the genre, they've just always been well crafted RPGs, from Dark Cloud, to Dragon Quest VIII, to Rogue Galaxy and Jeanne D'Arc, they know how to make an RPG that's enjoyable to play.

i'm finally getting deeper into the game, manipulating combos and making my character really feel like a unique class.

my problem with Final Fantasy XII (despite my love of that game), is that, in the end, all of my characters were leveled up the same way, because i didn't want to be at a loss for some abilities/spells when they weren't in the party.

in WKC, it feels pretty balanced so far (i'm a good 10-12+ hours in at this point), in that even when i don't have my dedicated Healer in the party (i made Yulie my healer), or my dedicated Warrior (Eldore or Leonard), i can still handle myself.

it's this crazy mix of FFXII, Dark Cloud 2, and Rogue Galaxy, with a little MMO thrown in for good measure.

i'm not a big MMO fan, but i like some of the elements of games like WoW, and WKC has some of those elements.

it's clear to me that reviewers are still reeling from Mass Effect 2, and that style of RPG (when was the last good JRPG that came out? seriously), because Western RPGs have been plentiful, and quality so far this generation, from Oblivion, to Fallout 3, to Mass Effect, Borderlands, and Dragon Age.

to suddenly play a traditional, very stylized Japanese RPG is jarring.

the story is about as interesting as your typical anime, but thankfully, the visuals, and game play make up for it. i had to force myself to take a break, since i had been playing it since about 8pm (it's 3AM now, and i stopped around 2:30AM).

i highly recommend it, but only to fans of JRPGs like FFXII, Dark Cloud, and Rogue Galaxy.

if you are expecting Dragon Age or Mass Effect, you will be sorely disappointed.
Optical_Matrix  +   2197d ago
What I don't get is why the western media slams JRPG's for lack of innovation yet praise games like Modern Warfare 2 which innovated in no way shape or form as the second coming as christ. It's ridiculous.
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