WoW: Ensidia Scores First 25-Man Lich King Kill

Last night was the world first 10-man kill, tonight it's the world first 25-man kill. The infamous Ensidia of Tarren Mill-EU has scored the kill, and there's a news post on their website confirming it.

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ChrisW3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )


SuperStrokey11233212d ago

Silly non wow gamer question, shouldnt this make it easier rather than harder?

Conventional3212d ago

the enemies are all substantially tougher in 25-man mode, and since there are more players, that means your chances of one of them messing up thoroughly increases, and once one guy goes down, typically the rest follow unless he's a non essential-pure damage dealer (he's not there to deliver interrupts or catch additional enemy spawns) and there isn't any kind of time limit involved in killing the boss (typically there is, but either way, the fewer number of damage dealers, the longer the battle goes and the more wear healers and other essential characters take, usually resulting in costly mistakes)

champ213212d ago

wow was alot of fun. though it can become like a full time job. I started disliking it once they introduced the arena. Constant grind to get newer armor.