Is Rapture Ready For Big Daddies – BioShock 2 Release

OXCGN looks at Bioshock 2 including videos:

"With less than a week away from 2K Games' release of the award winning second game in the Bioshock series we have a newly released "Bioshock 2 Official Release Trailer" for you, as well as some in-game footage where we explore the beautiful, yet treacherous, underwater world of Rapture."

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BadCircuit3207d ago

Looks good, but will it be different enough?

gaminoz3207d ago

The first one was so much fun and being the Big Daddy at the end was great.

Hopefully this one is as fun!

XboxOZ3603207d ago

After seeing the footage, and seeing the game first hand, I'd say it will satisfy many gamers in what it will deliver . unless of course they just want to complain all the time . .

The amount of things you have at your disposal now is far greater than before. And you can inflict greater damage, but the Big Sister is not someone you want to mess with too often.

Belgavion3207d ago

I'm not expecting it to match the original but as long as it's fun and the narrative draws me in at least a little bit I'll be satisfied

Godem3207d ago

it wont have that uniqueness that the original had, and I think that will be its downfall

Chaos Striker3207d ago

I think "downfall" might be a little harsh. But, it is definitely safe to say that it won't have the same magic that the first one did. The first one was something very different compared to other shooters and that definitely worked to the game's advantage. Because of that uniqueness, I have doubts about how they were able to make a sequel to expand the story when it seems the story is already closed and done with.

I expect the game to average around the 88 to 90 range on metacritics, but it will definitely surpass Bioshock's original lifetime sales (also due to the fact that it is multi-platform). But regardless, I still like what I see so far in Bioshock 2 and I will definitely pick it up when I can afford to

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