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"Last Rebellion is one of the many highly anticipated RPG titles to be released on the PlayStation 3 ever since NIS America announced its localization here in North America last year. When it comes to Japanese RPG games, we all know NIS America always does its job in giving us the pleasure of playing AAA RPG games. We've seen and played Disgaea, Ar Tonelico, and Atelier games; all of them are great RPGs! Now, with almost three weeks left before Last Rebellion's release, I now have the game in my possession and have played a couple hours of it already..." - Just Push Start

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OGharryjoysticks3209d ago

For one it's not a Disgaea game to cherry pick the fans who have come to love the sense of humor and gameplay. 2nd reason again is because it's not a Disgaea game but this time it's because gamers won't have the ability to play it for 200+ hours =) Third reason this game won't sell a ton is because it's not a Disgaea game and therefore it doesn't have the awesome soundtrack all Disgaea games have and who wants to play this game for 30 hours with a bad soundtrack.

Disgaea FTW!