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IGN: PS3 Perspective: ME2 is Better than Uncharted

It spiraled out of control faster than anyone thought it would. About two weeks ago, Erik Brudvig posted IGN's review of Mass Effect 2, and in 14 article comments, the fight was on.

"How in the hell does mass effect 2 get a higher score than uncharted 2, I read the game is not perfectly polished, sound cuts out, characters get stuck in the environment and full game crashes occur," wrote IGN user 360andps3ownerJerk. "And you 360 biased idiots give it a better score than U.C2" "PS3 = PWND," Asian Avatar wrote later.

Rather than let Xbox 360 owners have a moment to read and reflect about how awesome their console exclusive was, some PS3-skewed fans high on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves decided to take the conversation to the most annoying depths of Internet hell (Mass Effect 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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LordMarius  +   2125d ago
You cant spell ignorance without IGN

flamebait awaits....

"I'm telling you that Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2.
I need you to accept this."

WTF, I like IGN reviews but they are pushing it with this bs
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himdeel  +   2125d ago
Get your pyro suites on because IGN just tossed some dynamite on the bbq!!
Ridiculous article poised for hits. What's next are they going to tell me that Gears 2 is better than Wipeout HD?!

I'm a hypocrite because I approved this article because I'm curious to see how hot it's going to get. Also I'll need something interesting to read at work tomorrow during lunch :) I'm sorry.

Edited: For better comparison of two different genres of game
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green  +   2125d ago
N4G is going to shut down today because of this article.
Anyway in my 22 years of gaming, Mass Effect 1/2 series is the best game i have ever played.
-Mezzo-  +   2125d ago
This article is plain stupid, ME2 is marvelous i'd be stupid not to acknowledge that, but coming out and saying that one is better than the other is stupid and on top of that he's calling other commenter Fanboy's for saying the exact same thing as him.

And i think this is not him speaking this is the hype for the title inside him that made him wright this article, this is normal when you buy a new game and love it you forget the past saying that it was rubbish.

To me Uncharted 2 still owns everything. (But Thats Just Me Isn't It)
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redsquad  +   2125d ago
So basically they're saying their opinion is the only one that counts and if someone else says "UNCHARTED 2 is better - You need to accept this", they're 'wrong'?

Reviewers seem to be becomming less and less relevant these days.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2125d ago
They best be trolling.

Maddens Raiders   2125d ago | Spam
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
Well, Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time, so I would have to agree.
Saaking  +   2125d ago
WTF? Completely different games lmao. And personally, they're both equal. ME2 is probably one of the best WRPGs I've ever played and UC2 is the best TPS game I've ever played. NO need for a comparison. Still, I had a LOT more fun with UC2 than ME2.
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Perjoss  +   2125d ago
why not compare? they are both video games that are designed to entertain, both have third person shooting and a cover system.
LordMarius  +   2125d ago
I guess we can compare

UC2 - 96
ME2 - 96

........Gamers win, IGN looses credibility
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
Remember guys, this is an opinion based editorial. You should also realize that it was written by Greg Miller who is known for being a big Playstation supporter.
Nihilism  +   2125d ago
Unique sci-fi TPS/RPG with one of the greatest stories ever told...or a linear tomb raider rip off more jagged lines that a serrated knife. M-E-2 I choose you!
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Chris399  +   2125d ago
This sort of writing belongs on Destructoid.
Seriously, what the F is going on at IGN?

Their advertising partners must be demanding a higher click count. Only explanation I can think of.

Sad that an already partisan medium (games journalism) has what are supposed to be it's pillars crumbling every day - Gamespot, IGN (Eurogamer next?)

They're both spectacular games for their respective genres. Why all the d!ck measuring?

P.S. IGN be damned, WKC is fun as Hell if you like JRPGs.

Edit: To all the imbeciles caught up in this "comparison", what exactly are the similarities?

- 3rd person. Check.
- Different artistic design and color palette. Fail.
- Sci-Fi vs. Indiana Jones. Fail.
- FPS mechanics vs. classic 3rd person adventure controls. Fail.
- Dialog Trees vs. Scripted dialog. Fail.
***And the biggie***
- RPG vs. action/ adventure. And fail.

Let's compare Madden and Mario Cart next! They're both sorta sportyish.

If anyone can't see that this is designed for hits, please PM me with your SIN number and chequing account info. I have a fantastic opportunity to make you a Nigerian millionare! Act fast!
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Mr Logic  +   2125d ago
Let me start by saying that I think this is complete BS. You probably know that I am a PS3 fan, there is no denying that. I'm sure you 360 fans are enjoying ME2 and I am happy for you. The problem with this "article" is that it is not fair. I hate RPGs. That includes ME, Fallout, Demon's Souls, FF, etc. As such IMO Uncharted 2 is a better game solely because I enjoy it more.

This whole thing about one game being better than another is wrong, because different people have different opinions, always have always will.
Aclay  +   2125d ago
I could understand with what Gregg Miller is saying....RPG's like Mass Effect is a much more "engrossing" kind of experience because the way you build your character and the connection to the character and story itself is probably greater because of that.

But I still don't think it's right to compare both games like this though because they both offer different experiences and both serve different purposes gaming wise... I mean, RPG's are meant to have more depth, content, and character development than a game like Uncharted.... whether or not one game is better than the other is totally debatable and I'm not about to get into it, lol.
Remmulak  +   2125d ago
From Greg Miller from IGN: "The thing that a lot of people missed, however, is that Mass Effect 2 is indeed a better game than Uncharted 2, and I don't know how readers can be so blinded by their fanboyism to deny it."

He is essentially saying that he is the all knowing of video games.

Ok, so people disagreed with them on IGN's score of ME2 and let them know it. So he insults all people by saying that the people who disagree are wrong because ME2 is better... so he thought he would set them straight...calling them Fanboys.

Wow...just wow. How far has IGN fallen.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2125d ago
Having an opinion of which game is fine. To each his own. He can think ME2 is better, some random person can think UC2 is better.

But when you come out and say that your opinion is basically right, and others are invalid, then you're just spouting nonsense.
FlipMode  +   2125d ago
This is exactly why I don't even go to IGN anymore.
Megaton  +   2125d ago
Good job IGN. Attack fanboys who state preference as fact by claiming your preference is a superior fact. The hell happened to the "journalists" in this industry? I shouldn't feel turned off to gaming by reading things at gaming sites.
Rush  +   2125d ago
There completely different genres so its stupid to compare them. Although alot of people on this site are just as bad half of them posting above in saying how wrong it is /facepalm.

I still think this article is a complete waste of time and full of nothing but ignorance. He goes on about how bad it is to compare Mass Effect 2 to Uncharted 2 and how people that are doing it are stupid. Then he goes ahead and does it for the whole article retarded much?
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Major_Tom  +   2125d ago
Nah, it easily could've been but there's a lot of sections of the game where Bioware should've done a better job but they didn't.
jmare  +   2125d ago
@ dchalfont
Really?!!! That's the best you can come up with? Really? How does Mass Effect have one of the best stories ever? Sentient machines trying to destroy all organic life? I liked it better when Ratchet & Clank did it. An open world RPG? Yeah there haven't been any of those before.

And what jagged edges were in Uncharted 2? Maybe if you don't play on a sh!tty TV you wouldn't see such things.

EDIT: Silly 360 gamers and their bullshit. So what exactly is the problem with that picture? Did you go to find one of the oldest images available to try to prove your point?

Related image(s)
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Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
Both are the top of their respective genres. It's completely irrational to say one's better than the other. If you like RPGs, Mass Effect 2 is better. If you prefer action/adventure games, Uncharted 2 is the game to beat.
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Bathyj  +   2125d ago
Apples are better than Oranges.

I need you to accept that.
Nihilism   2125d ago | Spam
damnightmare  +   2125d ago
IGN are pretty pathetic if they had to write an "editorial" like that.

Flamebait for clicks, and they knew it would happen.

@dchalfont, go troll in the Open Zone please. Your just ignorant.
-Alpha  +   2125d ago
You hit the nail on the head.

Two completely entire games from two different genres that cater to two different crowds. I don't mind if he thinks ME2 is better, he is entitled to it, but it's simply flamebait overload.

And here I thought most rational people wanted to put out the fire, not add fuel to it.
morganfell   2125d ago | Spam
LordMarius  +   2125d ago
Dchalfont, ah still playing that closet 360 fanboy disguised as a PC fanboy
Open Zone that way -------------->

Edit: yeah you also dont own a PS3 but I still see you commenting on PS3 articles....bashing it always
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Danteh  +   2125d ago
man, hell is going to be unleashed in this article... get cover.

Luckily I'll be soon enjoying Mass Effect 2 on my PS3 ;)
DMason  +   2125d ago
I like Mass Effect 2 because of the engrossing story line and robust character development. I think about playing it when Im at work.

I like Uncharted 2 because it gets my blood pumping and it is an extremely polished, wild ride. I think about playing it when Im at work. (when it came out at least)

I think the problem here is that he's disturbed by the fact that he cant give a game a higher score without dealing with some crazed fanboy. It seems as though some are very protective over their games. And yeah it might be better to him, but hes the one reviewing it and thats all that matters.

The only way they're comparable is that they're in the same medium. Not everyone's going to like Mass Effect 2, and not everyone's going to like Uncharted 2. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.
Major_Tom  +   2125d ago
Nice purposeful low res pic of Uncharted 2.

You still have much trolling to master.
TheBand1t  +   2125d ago
@dchalfront, before he edited.
lol, That wasn't even a screen of Uncharted 2 you jackass. That was Uncharted 1. Massive failure.
Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
Exactly. While I personally think ME2's story and character development is superior to Uncharted's, the fun factor and level of polish in Uncharted is absolutely untenored (oh, and it has better graphics...)

Also, fellow PS3 owners, it's highly possible that we will get Mass Effect 2 on our console as well, so hating on ME2 is not in our best interest as a community - we'll just have TWO genre-defining games on our console.
Major_Tom   2125d ago | Spam
Digitaldude  +   2125d ago
LOL anything on IGN is lame.
Godmars290  +   2125d ago
You had me at IGNorance...

Who was it that was calling for an end to the media fueled console war? Really guessing that it was nobody from IGN.
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Bathyj  +   2125d ago
You know dchalfont, you can say you like ME2 better than UC2 or you think the graphics are better, thats all opinion and your entitled to it.

But when you flatout state the game called best graphics of the year or on a console by 95% of games journalist and more importantly, gamers, "looks like crap", then you're really just showing how untrustworthy your opinion is.

I dont know if your a fanboy or not, but you opinion is definately worthless.
movements  +   2125d ago
Hey MariusElijah,
Bubbles for that quote my friend!
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Immortal Kaim  +   2125d ago
Anyone else get the feeling that this is a complete p*ss take, and that they have accomplished what they set out to do? :)

You guys are easily stirred...
baum  +   2125d ago
And to think I trusted this turd of a website
I was willing to accept that 51/100 for WKC and 7/10 for MAG just because it came from them (not that I care what anyone thinks, but I was willing to respect their opinion); after all, they are IGN, the most respected gaming site on the web. They had a few sh1tty editorials last year, but I thought "oh well, it must be a slow season". But now that ME2 and U2 are out, gamers are busy, and instead of conforming to both consoles having their respective killer apps or whatever you want to call them, IGN has to step in and make a public display of IGNorance.

Another reason to stop caring about "professional" opinions.
popup  +   2125d ago
Dear brick wall,

This article really carries no more weight that any comment on this site. It is just an opinion by someone that plays games at work.

If he wants to compare Blade Runner and Indiana Jones point for point and look stupid doing it then there is plenty of space on the Internet.

For those who care enough about entertaining themselves with videogames rather than stupid childish wars then I would recommend playing (and enjoying) both games.

It simply sucks to have to own all this hardware to play all these titles.
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
"But when you come out and say that your opinion is basically right, and others are invalid, then you're just spouting nonsense."

But don't you see? That is exactly what he is responding to. All the PS3 fanboys that flooded into IGN to tell them how wrong their reviewer was for giving Mass Effect 2 a higher score and claiming that Uncharted 2 was better and acting like it was a fact. PS3 fanboys are known for this behavior.
rambi80  +   2125d ago
its sad to see IGN whore themselves out like this

EDIT - I'm surprised whore made it pass the N4G filter - wonders what else can make it through
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Rainstorm81  +   2125d ago
bubbles @ 1.38

Both games are great ME2 is one of the best games ive played on 360 the same for U2:AT on PS3. It's a tough call.

But IGN just had an article downplaying "Console Wars" then throw a live grenade of thier own.

Edit: Come on saber edge it goes both ways. With fanboys from the other side not giving any respect to any game on the PS3, you dont have to look far just scroll up and look at dchalfont's comments on U2:AT.

People on both sides downplay good games on the opposite console. (If your not really a gamer) Me I personally just like good games reguardless of the console.
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Rockox  +   2125d ago
"Haunted House" for the Atari 2600 is better than both games combined, for realz.
blind-reaper  +   2125d ago
Man IGN is too good for this flame tactics... someone needs to get fired (not because he is wrong or right, but because IGN can't fall into this estrategies).
Greywulf  +   2125d ago
and people hate on HHG..
yea.. BTW Jinxtar, this is Greg Miller.
OpenGL  +   2125d ago
I don't understand the need to compare these two games as they are not all that similar. Both games are great and both deserved to be played by every gamer.
callahan09  +   2125d ago
You know what? **** IGN. They have no credibility left. It's quite clear that these so-called professionals can't keep from fueling the flame-wars. How can anybody take them seriously anymore?
Maddens Raiders  +   2125d ago
....(...........) -
Congratulations IGN, you have managed to undermine the credibility of all & I mean all future reviews and comments/editorials from your site with this contrived hits for gifts stunt.

I will never click on your site or affiliate sites again, ever. I don't care if it's a 10/10 30 minute video review of GT5 that gives the first thousand visitors free tickets to race a Skyline around the Ring with free beer & naked models afterwards (well, that would maybe be the only way). Good bye.
Aquanox  +   2125d ago

This is full of fun. How can you guys feel so offended about this, Mass Effect 2 is better than the best PS3 game to date. I know it can be a bit annoying but if you played this beauty you'd know that.

No wonder why PS boys are lurking into game codes to find a single clue for a possible PS3 version of the best game in years.
UnSelf  +   2125d ago
idc how good ME2 may seem to be, no i havent played it but i purchased and finished ME1 and must say i was satisfied. The sequel can only enhance so much without taking away sum things.

Now u show me one thing in UC2 that was sacrficed or wasnt enhanced in the transition frm its predecessor.

Uncharted 2 is beyond good, this is the closest a game has been to perfection.
Bigpappy  +   2125d ago
IGN is right
ME2 is on a much larger scale than UC2. IT has many stories, much more variety in every facet of the game (choice of words, weapons, powers, ...). ME2 also has more chicks to sleep with, more emotion, more customization. Mass Effect is just more, and all of it is great. Games like UC2 should sell for $50 new. WRPG's like ME, Morrowind, Oblivion and fallout3 deserve $60 price tag. Game like Bayonneta, Darksiders and God Of War, should retail for $40 new. I usually wait for those types of games to drop in price because I trade them in a few days after I buy them. They are all fun and some look better than others, but a $60 game should give you that feeling ME2 gives.

Amended: If he had said UC2 was better, there would have been no talk of apples and oranges. I am sure Mr. Miller would not have written the article if PS3 fanboys didn't go to the 360 review and start talking sh!t about how much better UC2 is. PS3 fanboys got this weird loyalty code. It is so obvious that ME is on a much larger scale that a liner action game like UC2. Even if UC got 10/10 from IGN for action and graphics, ME would still be a better game to most reviewers and gamers because of the sum of its parts. BTW, if you played ME2 with a mouse and keyboard it will not be as emersive as if you used the controller. The feed back help you feel the different kick back from weapons, explosions and heavy robots. Feedback is more important than making the game easier to play by pointing and clicking.
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UnSelf  +   2125d ago
so according to IGN GTAIV is better than ME2?

DatNJDom81  +   2125d ago
I'll say it once and I'll say it again..................
HHG >>>>>> IGN.
jmare  +   2125d ago
Here is the best example of why this comparison is retarded
It's like comparing pizza and burgers. Both get the job done when you are hungry. But some people prefer pizza over burgers and vice versa. Some people like both and it all depends on the mood they're in. Neither is inherently better than the other, it all depends on individual tastes.
sikbeta  +   2125d ago
Way to hate dchalfont lol

How many times I need to tell you That The Console Manufactures Didn't Killed Your Pet

Unbelievable, guy you actually hate UC2 only cuz is a Console Game, how you can say the game is a "linear tomb raider rip off" when you probably never play it, well, knowing How Much you Hate Everything that's not a PC

Play the Game FIRST, if want to talk cr@p about it, at the end you are like the majority of fanboys in this site, weird if you don't have any of the 3 Consoles for the sake of your Almighty PC


Way to Go IGN, next time make an article saying that MW2 is better than HL2

Geriatric Hero  +   2125d ago
Holy crap! This has to be a new low for IGN, and thats saying something! This rant is complete and utter flamebait with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. True hardcore fanboy stuff. And people still think these guys are professionals?

This is basically just some idiot stating his opinion as fact and arguing that other people "need to accept this". Heaven forbid if anyone else has his own contrasting opinion! You're not allowed to think for yourself. EPIC FACEPALM

I've played through UC2 and loved it. I'll be picking up ME2 soon and when I finish it, I will make MY OWN MIND about which one is better. And you know what? It will be just my opinion and other people are free to disagree.
#1.59 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Aquanox  +   2125d ago
Oh by the way...
Be PREPARED for the Fanboy sites flooding N4G in desperation for this herecy.
NewZealander  +   2125d ago
i own uncharted 2, and mass effect 2, and ive got to say mass effect 2 is hands down a better game.

uncharted 2 is awesome dont get me wrong, but its awesome because it takes what has made other games great and mixes it till its nearly perfect, its one of the best action games ive played in years, not much replay value is its real weak point.

mass effect 2 is like a block buster movie that you get lost it, the universe is almost fully fleshed out, its not just a game, its as close to being there as you can get, and i cant wait to finish my game so i can play it all over again.
DaTruth  +   2125d ago
That was just the stupidest thing I ever heard. I am God of video games, what I say, goes! Your opinion is irrelevant!

He just said that in the review to spark controversy! They must have low site views recently!
CWMR  +   2125d ago
-I own both games and they are each some of the best games in history. Uncharted 2 is the best action/adventure game I have played and Mass Effect 2 is the best RPG I have ever played. But Mass Effect 2 is still almost on another level for me simply because of the depth of the experience and the amazing storytelling combined with action gameplay that is honestly as good as anything else out there. Uncharted 2 is the best at what it does, but Mass Effect 2 is so much more.-
goflyakite  +   2125d ago
It's official, any game that's not an RPG or without RPG elements will never be as good as an RPG. -IGN

And IGN totally knew this was coming, and probably wanted it to happen. You don't just rate one (semi)exclusive .1 or 1% higher then another exclusive on an opposing console for no reason.
mikeslemonade  +   2125d ago
Nope the general consensus says Uncharted 2 is better. Calloborating 75 reviews from different sites Uncharted 2 has a 96.19 where as Mass Effect 2 has a 96.07 after 54 reviews. Normally scores go down the more times it reviews so probably once Mass Effect 2 gets 75 reviews the score will be a 96.0.

And Uncharted 2 still has better graphics which is a fact. Gameplay is a matter of opinion.
II-Reaper-II  +   2125d ago
duplissi  +   2125d ago
you know threads like this are actually very informative- they let you know who has an iq of 4 and who actually has an oppinion worth hearing.

dchalfont you my friend are a moron, its one thing to have an oppinion about what game is better but to try to say (rather hatefully i might add) that the game that won countless awards for best graphics looks like crap is just willful ignorance.. just like what bath said your oppinion isnt worth a damn.

i own both games, and did i love every damn second of both. they are two different games where the only similarity is that they are 3rd person and you shoot stuff. both are of INSANELY HIGH CALIBER that its like comparing lamborginis to ferraris, or porche, or pizza to cheeseburgers i mean come on their all awesome but it comes down to personal preference.
ReservoirDog316  +   2125d ago
I was wondering when someone would say this. Took IGN. God...

How about this unbelievable suggestion: They're both good. Not even good, great.

Why fight when you can just play both.

Plus, MGS3 is still better than either.
harrisk954  +   2125d ago
You know what I hate??
I HATE when websites review a game and then write more articles lamely defending themselves and justifying why they reviewed a game in a certain way. You never see this in any other industry. Movie reviewers don't write follow-up articles on why they reviewed a movie in a certain way. You don't see Ebert giving a thumbs up one day or Entertainment Weekly giving a "C" to movie and then defend themmelves the next just because people disagree with them.

It is ridiculous. Write your damn reviews and be man (or woman) enough to accept whatever criticism is thrown at you! This is why games journalism is such a joke!
Christopher  +   2125d ago
I actually prefer ME1 over ME2. ME2 is a solid 9/10 game for me, but ME1 was a solid 9.5/10 game. The same score I'd give Uncharted 2.

As far as which is better? They're incomparable, so don't even attempt it.

I also don't see what this has to do with this sad and pointless 'exclusive' wars considering ME isn't an exclusive title to one platform. Did I support the idiotic fanboys when I bought ME1 and ME2 on the PC?
#1.70 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
rroded  +   2125d ago
its ign....
kinda ta be expected non?
Rainstorm81  +   2125d ago
Its like comparing Bentleys to Rolls Royce or Maybach, y choose when you can have both. BTW RPGs will always have more depth than action adventure games. Its a dumb comparison. next lets compare Super Mario 64 to Final Fantasy 7
shadow2797  +   2125d ago
"Sure, I have an unhealthy infatuation with Elena, but I know that I'm never going to know more about her than what Naughty Dog decides to tell me."

I want to know how the hell they are finding out more about the characters than what Bioware decides to tell them.

They're two different games. I beat Uncharted 2 within a week. I've had Mass Effect since Christmas and I've only been to Feros(?). It's apples and oranges. I think Uncharted 2 is a much more polished experience and that's about all you can really compare.

Shame on IGN for being so absolute about an opinion. I don't care if he's a Playstation fan or not. It still doesn't give him any kind of power to declare one game better than another.
Redgehammer  +   2125d ago
in my 34+ years of gaming ME1 and two standout as the greatest first 2 of any trilogy of all the trilogies I have ever read, played, or watched on a television; with ME2 being my favorite single player game of all time(beating my beloved halflife 2). I believe the PS3 fans when they tell me that uncharted 2 is a masterpiece worthy of the superlatives that have been clearly documented for UC2. Concordantly, Mass Effect 2 is also worthy of all the praise it is receiving thus far in its release week.
Incidentally, I really can not express how freaking awesome it is to have your past actions and decisions affect your present and possible future in Mass Effect 2. Its a great day for gamers when games like UC2 and ME2 are released--
BWS1982  +   2125d ago
At Dchalfont
Um, you have a horrible memory. I called you out for trolling just hours ago in the Sony breathing down MS's neck article, which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PC GAMING, yet you hobbled your way in there dude. Sound familiar?

"...and PC still remains the most profitable platform while the peasants squabble over the scraps, funny that.

12.7 billion in 2008 for PC game sales...not bad.

You may continue bickering now.


When you kids argue, just remember - The Nintendo Wii is increasing it's lead every day :) "

Yeah, that's you, or at least somebody in your profile spouting venomous attacks against console gaming and saying how useless it is, and then flip-flopping on your stance and indulging in it yourself with the Wii comment. You may have a PC-oriented affinity, but you also have a "consoles killed my parents" complex too. I'm not hating on PC gaming, on the contrary, I love my i7 and GTX260, but you give PC gamers a bad name and are getting obnoxious.

you've stumbled into articles at least once that I can recall recently, so either stop lying or get your memory checked.

@'s cool how you like to merge the concept of opinion and fact. The rest of us normal folks will remember to play both games, since they're both amazing. Have fun with half the fun we're having.
#1.75 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
IaMs12  +   2125d ago
Why is it that hard to believe that somebody says something is better then UC2... seriously when someone says ANYTHING is better then a PS3 this or that, the F&(+King fanboys blow it out of proportion. NOTHING is perfect in this world, and accept it. I havent played either yet, but seeing this just proofs how childish you really are. There is a line when having a heart like a child and being a child, and well you guys just crossed it. Grow up and have fun thats what counts. DAMN i want to write an article just too piss off you fanboys too see how you act. WAIT i just wrote this comment, let the disagrees come! I want to see how many i can get now. They are now the new agrees here on N4G.. uh sorry
exnihilonihilfit  +   2125d ago
I e-mailed the following to the IGN editor for that section of their site, I hope he takes it to heart.
I'm sure I'm not the first to respond to you about the ME2 is better than UC2 article, but I hope that the accumulation of these kinds of responses actually gets you to think about what you've done. I'm unsure whether or not your familiar with the concept of hypocrisy, but you've come to define it. I only suggest that you might not know what a hypocrite is because you've so blindly chosen to embroider that label into your forehead. You actually decided to write an article in response to "fanboyism," a culture which IGN has been chief among publications to foment, and then present the most blatantly fanboyistic arguments available to justify why you yourself are not a fanboy, but the actual fanboys with whom you are arguing must come around to agreeing with you. There's an old adage about arguing with fools, perhaps you're familiar with it. You've gone far enough to identify your interlocutors as a fools, so from an onlookers perspective, what does that make you?

The problem with videogame review culture is that reviewers project a sense that their reviews are actually objective. Let me ask you. Which is the better movie, Star Wars or Titanic? The better book, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Crime and Punishment? The better work of art, Guernica or the Creation of Man? And finally, the better game, Final Fantasy 7 or Super Mario Brothers? From a naive perspective some of these questions may seem easy to answer. But someone who has even glimpsed real wisdom must know that quality is not quantifiable. I'll leave you to muse to yourself about eyes, beauties and beholders.

De gustibus non disputandum est.
#1.77 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2125d ago
mass effect 2 is good but not better then Uncharted. I thought Role playing games your suppose 2 feel like your playing that role i felt like i was Nathan i cant say the same for Sherperd.
Alvadr  +   2125d ago
Oh Mr Miller, you really are trying to fan the flames of the bitter fanboys.
SullyDrake  +   2125d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4
Is better than both. =)
starvinbull  +   2125d ago
A higher score means a better game. If they don't stand by it then why give the score they did.

They have their opinion and people have a right to disagree with it.
JANF  +   2125d ago
"ME2 is Better than Uncharted"

Indeed it is. I have both and i can tell you ME2 is the better game. U2 looks better though, but graphics dont make good games, not saying U2 is bad, its an excellent game but ME2 is better.
vhero  +   2125d ago
Wow finally proof IGN are 360 fanboys and openly aswell it took em long enough. Not because they said a 360 game is better than a ps3 game its because of how they did it.
Cueil  +   2125d ago
Now that's a fire!
OMG... talk about dropping a 50 gallon drum of gas on a fire...
TROLL EATER  +   2125d ago
face it mass effect 2 rules ahahahah
Man In Black  +   2125d ago
Blatant Flamebait...
Mass Effect 2 is awesome, but in no way is it better than UC2.

IGN have proven just how reliable and unbiased they are. /s

I guess this means that MGS4 is better than both? Thanks for proving that the PS3's best exclusive is still better than any 360 exclusive :)
#1.86 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BlackAvenger7  +   2125d ago
Greg Miller
Is a geek, so what do u expect from him?
He wears weird cloths, he looks like he watched star wars a 1000 times..
He though that he was Shepard when he played the game!!! WTF!!
dragunrising  +   2125d ago
I think perspective is important. Whomever writes a "this game is better than that game" article should know that. Its impossible to flat out say which game is better without alienating their audience. With that said, IGN is entitled to their opinion. People shouldn't get so worked up about an opinion. If you disagree, thats fine, but its not the end of the world. Also, this article doesn't make IGN anti-PS3.
The Happy Baby  +   2125d ago
This just shows me that N4G
Has just as many ps3 fanbrats as IGN.
nycredude  +   2124d ago
This is actually a viable comparison. Both are pretty much third person shooters, except one has rpg elements. Therefore you have to compare them on their similarities. Now i love the Mass Effect Series adn currently playing through Mass Effect 2 but as a third person shooter it doesn't hold a candle to Uncharted 2. As an rpg it's great but the story is lifted off numerous sci fi movies, including star trek.
TROLL EATER  +   2124d ago
mass effect 2 would have owned 2009 if it was released a month earlier lol
FragGen  +   2124d ago
IGN are a bunch of morons who would say ANYTHING to generate traffic for their WWW site. Because traffic == revenue for a blog.

Ironically, the WORSE their product is (ie. the more biased and intentionally offensive/controversial) the more traffic they get and the more money they make. This encourages intentional stupidity.

Lord help us if blog/news sites are going to kill traditional journalism once and for all.

So anyway: BOYCOTT IGN. Not because you like UC2 better or ME2 better, but because they are retards and don't deserve the WWW traffic.
c64days  +   2124d ago
it's not so supprising...
IGN where XBOX fanboys and remain this way. few "good" PS3 reviews did not convinced me otherwise!

I remember the 7 for heavenly sword and the low scores for other games. every time they have the chance to go down on PS3 exclusive they do it happily.

To say a game from one genre is better from game of other genre and the only reason for compering is the fact each is exclusive to certain console, its FUNBOYSEM.

My opinion and every other in the industry is that UNCHARTED 2 is the best game for this generation!
ButterToast  +   2124d ago
why are we comparing these 2 game? they are completely different. whats next are we going to compare GT5 to Splinter Cell!?!? no, no, no it will probably be Alan Wake to Heavy Rain even though they are completely different types of games. fantastic!
eagle21  +   2124d ago
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has a record shattering 15 AIAS NOMINATIONS this year. GO CRY IGN! They should have made ME2 for PS3 if they wanted the same level of quality. :)
doctorspakles  +   2124d ago
"I guess we can compare

UC2 - 96
ME2 - 96

........Gamers win, IGN looses credibility"

Are you serious??! How does IGN lose credibility by nailing both Meta scores. They gave ME2 a 96 and UC2 a 95. Seems like they were in line with the average review on both titles. If anything this adds credibility. Take off you fanboy glasses. How many people hammering the disagree button for any statements defending this article (or claiming that they like ME2 better) have even played ME2?

I suspect that even if a PS3 fanboy played ME2 on the PC and liked it better he wouldn't admit to liking it better because why? UC 2 is exclusive simple as that.

I look forward to playing ME2 and am considering buying it as opposed to renting it. UC2 was a rental and I got the full use out of it in 2 playthroughs and some online play. It was a great game. Especially the city level. Graphics domination on that level. Like I said a great game but it is entirely possible that someone can like ME2 better, and guess what you don't need to get up in arms about it. If you have played both and like UC2 better more power to you.

Just make sure you have actually played both and chose UC2 because it is better not because it is exclusive.
#1.96 (Edited 2124d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MrJackOfAllTrades   2124d ago | Spam
Sub4Dis  +   2124d ago
over 500 comments about an opinion. amazing.
Consoldtobots  +   2124d ago
"I need you to accept this" = BEGGING

pathetic is too light a word for the behavior 360 fanboys have shown now that the tables have turned.
IaMs12  +   2123d ago
SO now if they said UC2 is the best game ever! then they wouldnt be PS3 fanboys, tho, but when they like a game better on the 360 they are fanboys. You fanboys make me hate Sony, why would i want to be part of a crowd like you?
DarthTigra  +   2125d ago
Eh matter of opinion. I didn't play UC2 yet but Mass Effect 2 was the third best game I've ever played (Behind KOTOR1 and MGS4). Took me 45 hours to beat the game and I enjoyed every minute of it. I saw a friend play Uncharted 2 and its looks like its a amazing game too. PS3 and 360 owners both won here. No need to turn this into a flame war IGN.
#2 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Lord Vader  +   2125d ago
Remember this...
EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. No one is right, no one is wrong. UC2 is a *fantastic game* as well.

BTW = We have similar tastes, for me it would be 1.KoToR, 2. Mass Effect 2, 3. Metal Gear Solid 1.

Peace out gamers !
#2.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
KOTOR and MGS4 are my favorite games as well! Oh, and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. It's a small world, ain't it?
DarthTigra  +   2125d ago
Haha awesome. The attention to detail and overall quality that Bioware and Kojima put into their games are second to none. That attracts gamers to their games.
irepbtown  +   2118d ago
The graphics for ME2 were unbelievable, it is a tough choice, UC2 or ME2. I dont own a 360, but a ps3. For me, Just trying the demo of Heavy Rain made me think woooooooooow. Heavy Rain's demo (in my opinion) has some of the best graphics ever. Imagine the full game.
But back to UC2 and ME2. It's just opinion really, i havnt botherd to read the full article, but i think i understand everything by just reading the 3 paragraphs at the top.
3sq  +   2125d ago
Nah, ME2 is boring.

Playing the first one is like taking sleeping pill.

The second one is no difference.

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn
#3 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(47) | Disagree(40) | Report | Reply
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
Whatever, fanboy.
ZombieRollz  +   2125d ago
I've honestly played it. It's nothing big. They just made a TPS and RPG combo. Not as cinematic as Uncharted 2 either. And storyline wise is meh.


Just to be sure, the people have also spoken here, not just some Xbox fantard wanting to have his body covered in bot semen:

Uncharted 2 USER ratings - 9.3
Mass Effect 2 USER ratings - 9.1

Both pulled from IGN. Like I said, the people have chosen, and it looks to be Uncharted 2 as the victor. This bot can suck Drake's nuts.

Edit 2:


Naw, man. Don't let my opinion of a game pull you away from your gaming experience. I'm just stating MY opinion and why I disliked the game. I didn't really like the first, and the second was just more of the same - they just fixed up some of the bad things in the first, and made it slightly prettier.

But I know you're kidding so I'll just follow up with this instead:

No no no, you should go out and buy Mass Effect 2. It's all the 360 has had for the past 13 months.
#3.2 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   2125d ago
I'll take your word for it and return my copy to the store, I don't want this trash Effect in my 360. I'm going to ignore the 96/100 meta because it's just some random number but you, you're a real person who isn't biased and has played Mass Effect 1 and 2 to completion.

Thanks for the heads up bro you just saved me 60 bucks, I'm gonna buy MAG instead.
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   2125d ago
Hey guys, let's compare which is better: Taco pizza, or chocolate fudge bars.

Having a hard time deciding which is best because they're both two completely different foods? Do you enjoy both greatly for the taste they offer? Yeah well, taco pizza is better in IGN's opinion.
-MD-  +   2125d ago
But chocolate gives me a stomach ache... I choose taco pizza!
ChrisW  +   2125d ago
"an 'apples to oranges' kind of comparison. "
"Now, let me remind you of who's writing this. ... I'm the guy who writes articles telling you that Trophies are better than Achievements, the guy who is desperate to win IGN's Great Trophy Whore War, and the guy who bought a PSPgo on day one and doesn't regret the decision in the least. I'm all those things, and I'm telling you that Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2."

But let's not forget that one of the comments mentions "M$ bribery!"

The whole thing is pathetic, even the comments! Even the fanboy comments from all sides! Sad and pathetic.
#3.6 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
baum  +   2125d ago
"I'm going to ignore the 96/100 meta because it's just some random number"

Judging by his sarcasm, Murderdolls just agreed that he bases his decisions on what others tell him to buy and not on critical thinking. Not surprised :)
NinjaAssassin  +   2125d ago
This is why PS3 fanboys are the laughing stock of the whole gaming industry: they can't even troll in a believable or rational way.

Mass Effect 2 is one of the highest rated games this generation and has had amazing sales for a RPG, so it is absurd to say that it sucks.

In my sincere opinion Mass Effect 2 looks better, plays better and is a richer and more enjoyable experience than Uncharted 2, but that doesn't stop Uncharted 2 from being a great game in its own right.
It Only Does Flops   2125d ago | Spam
baum  +   2125d ago
"This is why PS3 fanboys are the laughing stock of the whole gaming industry: they can't even troll in a believable or rational way."

As opposed to 360 or wii fanboys? lmfao

"Mass Effect 2 is one of the highest rated games this generation and has had amazing sales for a RPG, so it is absurd to say that it sucks."

Uh, how about forming your own opinion? No critical thinking skills? That's why 360 fanboys are the laughing stock of the gaming community. They rely on how much a game sells (even though games sell before people play them) and how games are reviewed (even though opinions may vary, not to mention people get paid to give good opinions) to make their purchasing decisions instead of considering the more important subjective factors as any rational decision-maker would do. But hey, as long as you "fit in", who cares, right?

"In my sincere opinion Mass Effect 2 looks better, plays better and is a richer and more enjoyable experience than Uncharted 2, but that doesn't stop Uncharted 2 from being a great game in its own right."

And to each is own of course, but to state an opinion as a fact and to back it up with the fact that other people think so is just plain stupid. Truth is not democratic.


If you don't like it, why are you still here?
#3.10 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
talltony  +   2125d ago
Play your fvckin games people!!
And shut up just play your games while I play mine. Some of you guys here just make me sick with some of the idiotic things you think, this website is starting to get on my nerves. Just too many freakin retards here. Seriously like WTF!
weazel  +   2125d ago
Uncharted2 vs ME2? Who cares about games on two platforms both being awesome? Enjoy them both! More importantly,I'm British so have no idea what the f*ck taco pizza is!?
This is what's really interesting me!
What is it, and are they good?
-MD-  +   2125d ago
"They rely on how much a game sells (even though games sell before people play them) and how games are reviewed (even though opinions may vary, not to mention people get paid to give good opinions) to make their purchasing decisions instead of considering the more important subjective factors as any rational decision-maker would do"

Then explain to me why I bought Nuts and Bolts? It didn't sell a million units and got average/above average review scores.
JonnyBadfinger  +   2125d ago
and in my opinion Uncharted 2 lacks in story and gameplay... honestly while the game looks pretty, theres alot i hate about it.

1) Tomb Raider minus the boobs
2) Retarded animations like its from the first King Kong movie, you know clay animations.
3) S*** story
4) male under-wear model as main character
5) gameplay which in my opinion is just bad.
6) though this isnt the games fault,its the PS3s i hate the controls...ND did the best they could but still horrendous.
7) Gameplay is far to linear, why design such a impressive landscape when your just gunna focus on a tiny part of it.

I laugh my arse off when PS3 fanboys say its the most realistic game, and start comparing it with real life... seriously there is more to life then your bedrooms droids. Even CGI movies like transformers doesnt look real

Mass Effect appeals to me while i love the sci-fi, i HATE Star Wars and Star Trek, so for me Mass Effect is my Sci-fi obsession... It has taken the crown from the Halo Universe and don'd it upon itself.

Mass Effect is pure brilliance with story telling and gameplay that complement each other perfectly... and Bioware are mastering the art of epic moments... BRING ON MASS EFFECT 3

And to anyone saying you dont know there is going to be a ME3, Bioware have confirmed it and it also says in the loading screen of ME2 that ME3 is COMING!
reaferfore20  +   2125d ago
Well I always thought the original Red Faction was better than Halo:CE and nobody agreed with me. The guy's entitled to his opinion even if a lot of people disagree with him.
baum  +   2125d ago

Then why argue? If you really use critical thinking skills for buying, then why pretend you don't? I know the answer, but I just wanna hear it from you.
Rhythmattic  +   2125d ago
Not that I've played ME2 , yet.

But one thing that interests me...

These Guys gave UC2 89% and it was included in Metacritics scores.

As for ME2 74%

Will it be included in the meta scores?

The point is, I'm getting ME2 and I'm sure i'm going to enjoy it. It aint however gonna blemish the awesome time I've had/having with UC2.
JeffGUNZ  +   2125d ago
@ baum
I think we all have had enough of you. Do you even understand the reason why these sites, like IGN and gamepro do reviews? They do them so they can give people their feelings of how the game plays, the story, if they noticed any game breaking problems. You make it sound like reviewers are completely off and outstanding games like ME2, Gears, UC2, and KZ2 all got 40/100. When in reality, they scored AAA from all these sites. A lot of people will be on the fence of purchasing a game and want to hear from experienced reviewers that it is either worth their money or not. Of course games like ME2 are automatic day one purchases, but the reason I gave the first Mass Effect a try was because of great reviews. This game is amazing and received amazing reviews. Metacrtic is at 96 because the game is that good. I have to agree with that score completely.
General Jewels  +   2125d ago

PS3 This year will get domianted and buried. Uncharted 2 didn't last lond...mass effect 2 came and owned it. Sorry PS3 fans you have no triple AAA games...they keep getting owned by Xbox 360 Triple AAA games.
ChrisW  +   2124d ago
When are you ladies going to learn that a Score, or even a Meta-Score, still requires your own personal opinion before you can personally claim that a game is better or not?!?
orangbulu  +   2125d ago
I dont trust IGN at all
They gave both MGS 4 and GTA 4 a perfect 10, and i could not finish those 2 games. They bored the hell out of me.

After those 2 games, i started buying games that i was interested in, instead of relying on reviews. Worked out so much better for me.
reaferfore20  +   2125d ago
This is just me, but no game I've ever played was absolutely perfect. Most sites handing out a perfect score to a game are doing so to make people happy or for their sponsors sake.

I absolutely loved MGS4, but a 10/10? No effing way. Personally I'd give it an 8.5; maybe a 9 if MGO wasn't so crap and if you could install all the chapers onto your HDD so you didn't have to wait every time you load a game from a different chapter.

Anytime a site hands out a 10/10 I suspect BS. Nobody's perfect, except Chuck Norris, and until he makes a videogame there won't be a game that deserves a perfect score.
HINDERIZATION  +   2125d ago
GTA IV was multiplat
quit complaining
NateCole  +   2125d ago
has completely gone down the drain. What a shame.
himdeel  +   2125d ago
Yes they have.
It's almost like a blog :(
NateCole  +   2125d ago
You expect Kotaku
or GamesRadar to write crap like this, not IGN of all sites.

I guess its Gamespot and I.G from now on until heads roll at IGN so that they can get back to reality.
-Alpha  +   2125d ago
I don't mind that they have the opinion
But it's just flamebait overload and they know it.

Also, it's entirely subjective on which game you like better.

Stuff like this is what makes PS3 fans hate ME2 and 360 fans hate UC2 even more.
00  +   2125d ago
flamebait away.
Marie  +   2125d ago
ME2 Game of the Generation.
Called it. Love Marie.
Darkstorn  +   2125d ago
*ahem, Metal Gear Solid 4?
redsquad  +   2125d ago
Guess ME2 is guarenteed GOTY for 2010 then.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I WAS being sarcastic.
#8 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Dutch Boogie  +   2125d ago
IGN is a f^cking joke of a site. And people fail to comprehend why they are labeled bias. With all the faults found within ME2 they still manage to give it a higher score than Uncharted2 (the most graphically impressive, unmatched storytelling and animation in console history).

I've said it before and say it again. Many of these supposedly "non-biased" american sites are really fanboys in disguised. They are praising ME2 in order to fill the void in the mediocre 2009 360 line up. At the end of the day, the smart know the truth and the stupid spread the lies.

Give it up and try harder next gen dumbass bots.
Conando  +   2125d ago
^ The PS3 fanboys get more delusional by the day. There's got to be a breaking point somewhere.

And just for the record:

Sites Giving ME2 a Higher Score than UC2

Boomtown (100 > 90)
VideoGamer (100 > 90)
GameSpy (100 > 90)
GameDaily (100 > 90)
IGN UK (92 > 90)
GameZone (95 > 90)
games(TM) (100 > 90)
Thunderbolt (100 > 90)
9Lives (95 > 92)
GameTrailers (97 > 93)
GamesNation (96 > 93)
SpazioGames (95 > 94)
Strategy Informer (98 > 95)
Hardcore Gamer Magazine (100 > 95)
Destructoid (100 > 95)
IGN (96 > 95)
Console Monster (96 > 95) (97 > 96)
WonderwallWeb (99 > 98)
Digital Chumps (100 > 98)
#9.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
ZombieRollz  +   2125d ago
Yawn, Uncharted 2 vs. Mass Effect 2

Gamepro: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (90)
1up: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (91)
CVG: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (93)
Total Video Games: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (90)
Game Informer: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (98)
Kombo Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (95)
Game Revolution: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (91)
Game Limit: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (95)
Gamer's Hell: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (95)
Kikizo: Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (90)
Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (91)
Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (91)

And those were just the 100s. There's no telling how many others are out there.

Uncharted 2 simply OWNS Mass Effect 2. I guess I have to go create a graph by graph comparison.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2125d ago
ZombieRollz he listed more, you proved his point.

Edit @ below: he listed more sites that gave it a higher score not sites that have yet to review.

Two that the droid listed just said
"Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (91)
Uncharted 2 (100) > Mass Effect 2 (91)"

#9.3 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
damnightmare  +   2125d ago
Uncharted 2 perfect scores - 39

Mass Effect 2 perfect scores - 25
CWMR  +   2125d ago
-The scores are still coming in for Mass Effect 2, genius.

But if you want to look at it another way, Mass Effect 2 hasn't received a score lower than 90, while Uncharted 2 had one 80 and one 89.

Anyway, none of it is that important. Reviews are simply opinions. Lots of people love Uncharted 2 and lots of people love Mass Effect 2. That's all that really matters.-
DMason  +   2125d ago
@Dutch Boogie
Im sorry dude, but "unmatched storytelling?" Cmon, youre really reaching here. Uncharted 2 was good, but it doesnt hold a candle to Mass Effect 2's story telling. And Im guessing you havent played Mass Effect 2, otherwise you'd know that. And the whole "every site is biased and is paid off" is getting really old. Believe it or not, the 360 can produce games that match the quality of the All Mighty PS3.

I cant wait to see your bubbles go down to only one. Any day now.
#9.6 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ZombieRollz  +   2125d ago
Sorry, Jason, I have more to do than go through Metacritic comparing scores side by side. Instead, someone on N4G did it for me, tried to post it, and didn't get approved:

Bots got owned.
heroprotagonist  +   2125d ago
Wow, that blog is just sad.

It is incredibly lame that anybody would be that anal and go to the trouble of comparing the scores on such a micro level. And even more lame that he would say something like "So, no, Mass Effect 2 is currently NOT better than Uncharted 2. Sorry for all you hopefuls out there."

Also, which 28 extra Uncharted 2 reviews is he referring to when he talks about taking them off? The lowest 28? Well, of course that would push Uncharted 2's average higher.
sher00win99   2125d ago | Spam
Reshun  +   2125d ago
Incoming fire!!!
MetalGearRising  +   2125d ago
IGN: PS3 Perspective: ME2 is Better than Uncharted
Well of course it is only ps3 retards would say otherwise. Because to them nothing can come close to Uncharted 2 anyway i'm going back to my Mass Effect 2 AAA the way the graphics are awesome and gameplay and story.

I just thought of something Funny.

This year hardly has begun and it's turning out to be Sony's worst year already with MAG turning out to be a Flop. Then u get White Knight Chronicles which is also turning out to be a Flop and incoming Heavy Rain which no doubt is gonna Flop this year is gonna be a floppy year for ps3.
#12 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
Major_Tom  +   2125d ago
I'm pretty confident that if you thought your brain would seep out your nose from the heat exhaust alone.
#12.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
HINDERIZATION  +   2124d ago
360 has no games because it only has games that Bots like. FPS. That's what most bots like and only will like.
I don't think you would buy a 360 to play Viva Pinata, would you?
I think not...
please GTFO sir...
ZombieRollz  +   2125d ago
Honestly, if you can hump someone off a cliff in Mass Effect 2, then it gets my Game of the Year.

Speaking of:
#13 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
ActionBastard  +   2125d ago
You reap what you sow IGN.
TheBand1t  +   2125d ago
Is the Human Torch here?
Because I just heard "Flame on!"
jmare  +   2125d ago
What the
FFUUCCKK?!!! Do we really need more fanboy, flamebait bullshit?

EDIT: I guess we do. Thank you, Disagree Fairy, you've shown me that we can never have enough fanboy bulshit. Thank you, so much.
#16 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Conando  +   2125d ago
My favorite quote from the article: "The thing that a lot of people missed, however, is that Mass Effect 2 is indeed a better game than Uncharted 2, and I don't know how readers can be so blinded by their fanboyism to deny it."
washingmachine  +   2125d ago
loll who goes to ign anyway
SoapShoes  +   2125d ago
Oh so what...
IGN is one site... Look at the front of Uncharted 2 at stores, in big letters it says "OVER 25 PERFECT REVIEWS".
maniacmayhem  +   2125d ago
IGN loved the game also, he's just saying he liked ME2 better. He's taking nothing away from Uncharted 2.
SoapShoes  +   2125d ago
Well no crap!
I'm just saying who cares if IGN gave it a higher score and judging by the article people really aren't taking this seriously. It's fanboy drivel.
BlackTar187  +   2124d ago
I dont think you get it
its not what he says is better that doesnt matter its the fact he says what he thinks is better is fact. Thats the problem is it that hard to understand use your fricken brain please
spunnups  +   2125d ago
Different games. Uncharted 2 is in a league of it's own.
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
How is Uncharted 2 in a league of its own. Sorry, but that is fanboy crap.

Clearly, it is an amazing game, but there are other amazing games as well.
nycredude  +   2124d ago
haahah someone who hasn't played UC2 commenting about it.

Nice try saber... "clearly"?
Saaking  +   2125d ago
IGN really isn't what they used to be. Both games are great, but seriously. UC2 won nearly every single GOTY award last year (over 40). I'd like to ME2 beat that.
Conando  +   2125d ago
They're no longer what they used to be because they're praising the 360. Well, let's just wait until they praise the PS3 again and I'm sure they'll be right back on top of the most respected video game sites. Until they praise the 360 again, that is...
FlipMode  +   2125d ago
No actually your wrong, whether they praise PS3 or 360, if they do it in a fanboyish way like this they always get hate.
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
Bullsh^t! PS3 fanboys never give sites hate when they are hyping up PS3 games. If this article had been about how a reviewer thought Uncharted 2 was better than Mass Effect 2 all you hypocrites would be singing its praises and saying how true it was. I'm sick of the hypocrisy and bullsh^t on this site.

PS3 fanboys used to constantly whine about Gamespot, claiming they were biased. Now we have PS3 fanboys saying that Gamespot is one of the few sites that can be trusted and that IGN is a joke. You guys are the most inconsistent group of gamers out there.

What it comes down to is this: if you don't say the PS3 is the greatest console ever and worship every one of its games then you are biased at that moment. If you later say something extremely positive about the PS3 then you are suddenly not biased.
All the word "biased" means in the PS3 fanboy's vocabulary is that somebody said something unfavorable about the PS3 or said something positive about the 360. That's all the word means to you guys.
damnightmare  +   2125d ago
SaberEdge you are completely uninformed if you don't think that applies to ANY fanboy.

I find it even worse that the extreme 360 fans like MGR and Bungie HAVE to make multiple accounts just to keep up their charades on this site. They are by far the worst fanboys.
FlipMode  +   2125d ago
Sorry Saberedge your wrong, best example the article IGN made about Trophies being better than Achievements, even though it was pro PS3 people were still bashing IGN.
CWMR  +   2125d ago
-You think MGR and Bungie are so horrible, but I hope you realize that there are at least 30 PS3 fanboys on this site that are every bit as bad as those guys are. The only reason you might not recognize that fact is because you are a PS3 fan.

Another thing is, did 360 fans storm into IGN's comment section throwing a tantrum because Uncharted 2 scored higher than some 360 exclusive? No. You basically never see 360 fans act like that.-
DMason  +   2125d ago
I agree with Saber and CMRW to the fullest. I'd like to think of myself as neutral, but it really irks me when someone gets extreme on the opposing console. And the reason I may come off as a 360 fanboy here is because there is an extreme overload of hippocrisy that floods this site when it comes to the PS3 articles.

Yes, Bungie and a handful of others are annoying trolls. But for every one of them, there are 10 PS3 fanboys that are ignorant and cannot be reasoned with.

And Saber is right, if this were a role reversal we wouldnt be having a flame war, we would be having a discussion on "why Uncharted 2 is better." And then there would be the exclusives lists. It would never end. Im sorry, but on this site the number of diehard PS3 fanboys far exceed the number of 360 fanboys. Just take a look at any hardcore PS3 fans bubble count, its higher than any neutral person on this site.
damnightmare  +   2125d ago
Yeah I'm a PS3 fan genius, I'm also a 360 fan.

You on the other hand are a 360 fanboy, Bungie and MGR piss me off a lot more then the PS3 fans here. They are the living heart of the STUPIDEST posts on this website.

You do not acknowledge how bad they are though because you are an absolute fanboy. I know the majority of people on this site are PS3 fanboys because no matter the article they are there, and they drive in 4 times as many numbers as MGR/Bungie and his multiple accounts.

DMason knows I love my 360, and I use it 50 times more then my PS3. I'm glad you only called me a fan though, because I would feel bad being called a fanboy ;P

I guess you can continue petty accusations though since that's all your good at lol

Btw Hi DMason haha
DMason  +   2125d ago
Hey Dammnightmare, good to see you.

Yes, Dammnightmare is no PS3 fanboy and I can vouch for that. If you knew his credentials at one of the most popular sites on the web, it would be undeniable proof.

But the real target here is fanboyism in general. I just dont understand why gamers cant get together and discuss gaming as a whole instead of being biased, discriminative, and hateful towards each other. This war is by no means fun.
damnightmare  +   2125d ago
Don't even bother DMason, no matter what you say you will have an equal amount of agrees/disagrees and negative feedback from both sides. This IS the Open Zone after all.

CWMR thinks he isn't part of the problem and that he is superior because he doesn't troll along with the larger group on the site. He just writes some equally stupid comments on the other side of the fence and just accuses people of blasphemy when he does the same thing. Glad to see someone who is sensible on this site though.
heroprotagonist  +   2125d ago
I trust DMason's word because I have seen his comments and he seems like a reasonable guy and a fairly neutral gamer, but I do wonder why so many of damnightmare's comments that I have seen seem to be so pro PS3 and anti 360. I, too, had the impression that you were a Sony fanboy. I'm not saying I am neutral. I like both consoles, but I am quite open about my leanings toward the Xbox 360. I'm just saying that if you are so neutral why do come off as having such a strong bias in favor of the PS3?
Consoldtobots  +   2124d ago
when are you morons gonna get it through your THICK HEADS??

this is not some school yard game where everyone gets a turn at bat. It has been shown time and again that the PS3 runs circles around what the 360 can do (we're talking exclusives here). So why would any of you expect 2+2 to suddenly = 3?

cause that's basically what you're saying, many of us here who are MUCH smarter than 98% of the fanboys on this site have already explained why the cell mops the floor with the 360s 3 core architecture and totally negates whatever slight advantage the ATI gpu might have given the 360. Yet years later we still hear the same idiots talking the same crap about how "both consoles are pretty much equal". get off it already, when those of us with programming knowledge get down and dirty with specifics none of you are ANYWHERE to be found. I think that pretty much sums you all up as fanboys.
DJ  +   2125d ago
I'm a little disturbed by Greg Miller's explaination of makes a great game.
And apparently it's how gripping the story is. Not what the gameplay is like; just the story.
redsquad  +   2125d ago
Yeah, but wait until GOW 3 comes out. He'll say that despite GOD OF WAR's epic story, BAYONETTA is better because it has 'better gameplay'.
DJ  +   2125d ago
Tru_Ray  +   2125d ago
Greg Miller is an idiot and his comment about story being the most important factor in a game epitomizes his ignorance
I would agree that story is the most important aspect of a movie, but games are not movies and movies are not games.

Certainly there is a lot of cross-referencing between the two mediums, but to claim that the story is the most important element is pretty preposterous.

Can someone explain to me how the lack of a deep story detracts from the GAMEPLAY of MAG, Demon's Souls, Ninja Gaiden, Unreal Tournament, or Madden?

SOMEWHAT OFF TOPIC: This article, as well as the many inane articles that constitute the gaming media, seem to suggest that the industry is going through an identity crisis. In spite of the widespread popularity of interactive entertainment, it does not seem to be taken seriously by the mainstream media . This is why IMHO, whenever something of quality comes out it gets hyped as "teh bestest game evar". I mean seriously, people are talking about ME2 like it is War and Peace!!

U2 was awesome. For an Action/Adventure game it was nearly perfect in its execution. ME2 is arguably more ambitious in terms of its scope, but that in no way diminishes the achievements of Naughty Dog. U2 was everything it set out to be and more.

BTW, what little respect I had for Greg Miller has been eviscerated by this "article". He is no more informed than the hardcore gaming fans that dominate this website!
maniacmayhem  +   2125d ago
The guy is expressing his OPINION. He thinks ME2 is better than U2.

Nothing to get upset about.
BlackTar187  +   2124d ago
what he says is better is irrelvant it the fact he claims it as fact that makes it a huge issue. Read the article man sad
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2125d ago
Maybe they should do this -

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D

Erm 'Mass Effect 2' is on P.C to tho??? Why does the internet make out it is xBox 360 Only for??? Hmm...Anyway IGN can go and SUCK-MY-D!CK with 99% of these CR*P sites to!!! ;)
maniacmayhem  +   2125d ago
I love it when the fanboys claim "BU BU BUT ITS ON THE PC TOOOO!"

Like there's some kind of evil taint and its less of a game. If the game isn't on the PS3 then it is an exclusive.

Don't worry Sony troops I'm sure IGN will score GoW3 high and then you can go back to loving IGN.

(until they review another ps3 game low then they'll be biased.)
The Iron Sheik  +   2125d ago
ME2 is not exclusive since it is on more than 1 platform. This is not a slight against the game, merely a reality check to 360 fanboys when they try to claim it as their own.

I need a PS3 to play Uncharted 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4.

I need a Wii to play Super Mario Galaxy

I don't need a 360 to play Mass Effect 2.
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
It's on the 360 and not on the competitor's console so it is exclusive as far as consoles go.
zenosaga04  +   2125d ago
Apparently the definition of the word exclusive eludes you. Let me help you guys out a little with a few definitions I found online

1. not divided or shared with others; "they have exclusive use of the machine"; "sole rights of publication"

2. excluding much or all; especially all but a particular group or minority; "exclusive clubs"; "an exclusive restaurants and shops"
a news report that is reported first by one news organization; "he got a scoop on the bribery of city officials"

3. single(a): not divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective; "judging a contest with a single eye"; "a single devotion to duty"; "undivided affection"; "gained their exclusive attention"

Hope this helps =)


Yea I was concuring with you Obama. I was saying that Mass Effect 2 wasn't exclusive because it's also on the PC
#24.4 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Obama  +   2125d ago
Why is it exclusive when I CAN play it on my pc? Logic failed.
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
Every single game site and magazine has used and understood the term console exclusive for years. Only the PS3 fanboys with their pathetic agenda can't seem to grasp the concept.

Even in this article the author recognizes the distinction.

"Rather than let Xbox 360 owners have a moment to read and reflect about how awesome their console exclusive was, some PS3-skewed fans high on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves decided to take the conversation to the most annoying depths of Internet hell..."

Your second definition explains the idea well.
"2. excluding much or all"
Well, the PS3 and Wii are the ones excluded in this case.
#24.6 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2125d ago
With what operating system Obama?
zenosaga04  +   2125d ago
Okay SaberEdge, I'm going to start a new term called "Japanese Console Exclusive" meaning that the Playstation 3 is the only Japanese console the game appears on...

or I could say that Mass Effect 2 was a PC exclusive because the PC is the only interface it appears on.

No! that would be stupid and a misrepresentation of the word. Mass Effect 2 is not an exclusive end of discussion. It's not on the PS3, but since I don't need an Xbox to play it, it's not an exclusive.

Why is that so hard to comprehend?
happy_gilmore  +   2125d ago
mass defect 2's system requirements are so low
but playing it on a gimped pc will still look better than on the 3fixme.

btw, i'm played ME2 on my rig and was not impressed at all by the graphics (and everything else except voice acting).
Obama  +   2125d ago
So what if it is on window 7 Jason? I love the OS; I just think the 360 is a piece of plastic.

The point of having exclusive to a system is to get people to buy that system.
gamer2010  +   2125d ago
"I'm going to start a new term called "Japanese Console Exclusive" meaning that the Playstation 3 is the only Japanese console the game appears on.."

Yeah you could do that, if it was a worthwhile distinction to make, but it's not.

Console exclusive is an important distinction because the consoles mostly compete amongst themselves. There aren't that many people that are thinking "hmm.. should I get a 360 or a gaming PC", but there are a lot of people that are thinking "hmm.. should I get a 360 or a PS3".
That is why console exclusives matter.
zenosaga04  +   2124d ago
Well that makes sense...
Oh okay I think I get it now Gamer2010, it's not that you don't understand what the word exclusive means, you just refuse to accept the definition.

Well that's fine whatever helps you guys sleep at night, I'm tired of arguing with you guys so I'm going to just say you won. Enjoy Mass Effect 2
MajestieBeast  +   2125d ago
Lol i got stuck on that planet where that ship crashed was just walking on air havent even seen such glitches in uncharted 2. The weapon,armour,talent systems are a step back from me1 and all the tedious planet scanning make this game a 9.2 and not a 9.6 this is just another case of overhype.
heroprotagonist  +   2125d ago
Yeah, but you were playing the PC version so it must be your setup. I didn't see such a glitch in the 360 version. I saw a few minor glitches just like you see in every game, but nothing serious. Mass Effect 2 is an amazingly polished game, especially considering the amount of content it offers.

And you can't honestly believe there aren't glitches in Uncharted 2. I saw several of them in my play through of the game. There are also quite a few multiplayer glitches. Just type 'Uncharted 2 glitches' in the youtube search bar and you will find plenty of examples.
nycredude  +   2124d ago
Dude stop it. ME1 was a glitch fest and while ME2 is much better, just 6 hours in and I have countless times gotten stuck on objects in the game. It has glitches no doubt. Bioware's strong points are NOT tech prowess, it's in their storytelling. For you to say ME2 has no glitches and bash UC2 for glitches shows you haven't a clue about polish.
Heartbroken-Menace  +   2125d ago
How do you even begin to compare ME2 and UC2?
They're both awesome games, why not leave it at that? But no, the fools at IGN have to make this flamebait crap.
maniacmayhem  +   2125d ago
He had to write that article because the Sony Fanboys on that site turned into the Sony fanboys on this site.
DMason  +   2125d ago
Wow, you literally hit the nail on the head.
BlackTar187  +   2124d ago
And her eyou are talking into a mirror
is that ironic or just stupidity.

And im sure you agree with his stance of proclaiming his opinion as fact. And lowering to the same low level as you guys and all fanboys and to think you guys arn't them is pretty funny.
themafia  +   2125d ago
who wrote this nonsense?
uncharted 2 is better, in feel stupid just for bieng here
Arnon  +   2125d ago
To each their own. I find both games to be outstanding.
#27.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NinjaAssassin  +   2125d ago
They are both great games. I just choose Mass Effect 2 as my favorite game because I like the gameplay better and there is more to see and do. Mass Effect 2 is like the pinnacle of what I always wanted games to become.
BlackTar187  +   2124d ago
I agree
both games are amazing i wouldn't trade in either of them i loved both(Although haven't beat ME2 yet)

opinions people that what we got her


LOl best game of 2010 so far ME2 and maybe all year but to declare one better then the other is fine but to clarify your point as stating it as fact is sad.
Toman85  +   2125d ago
Both games are epic in their way
But for me personally is Uncharted 2 much better thanks to more stable gameplay and stellar visuals :). And I have both games ;)
#28 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
SaberEdge  +   2125d ago
I think Mass Effect 2 looks better and has the better story development. Both have great gameplay.
MajestieBeast  +   2125d ago
What did you play it with your fanboy goggles on cause the only thing that looks very good n me2 is the character models of the main characters the worlds,stages are nothing to praise they look bland and uninspired.
nycredude  +   2124d ago

You need to play UC2 first to make that statement. ME2 does NOT look better. Even a blind man can tell that.
lordkemp007  +   2125d ago
As eloquently as i can say it, giving due regard to the feelings of others.

IGN --- Go fu## yourself!!!!!
Valkyre  +   2125d ago
Funny how IGN always talks trash about PS3 fanboys (who they deserve it btw) but i have never ever seen them criticise the equally annoying 360 fanboys when it comes to PS3 exclusives...

I suggest IGN takes a look around at the exact same comments made from xbots on some PS3 exclusives like Uncharted 2 Killzone 2 etc etc...

But i've never seen an article like that concerning 360 fanboys...

Anyways, either way this kind of articles is just plain PATHETIC with all letters capitalised...

Way to go IGN... just a tiny bit more and you are going down the drain...

I wont be the idiot to give you hits tho ;)

Thank God for N4G where i can see your bullshit without giving you traffic ;)
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