Save $150 on Xbox 360 premium

If you're still on the fence about actually purchasing an Xbox 360, then heres a new reason for you. Actually, here's a 150 of them. Head over to OverStock Dealz and you can pick up an Xbox 360 premium system for only $249.99.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4191d ago

Wow thats some nicely priced 360's. Same price as a Wii. Anyone want a 360?

Thats less than 50% of the PS3's price folks!

closedxxx4191d ago

Damn that's a crazy deal.
Get a premium system and 3 games for the price of a normal premium.

marinelife94190d ago

LOL the advert says "LIKE NEW"! I think I'll pass. If the new one's are having that much problem I can imagine what kind of issues you'll have with the "like new" one's. When are the 65nm one's coming out?

Ru4191d ago

you can grab and resell on E-bay!
I have a 360 but might just pick 2 of these up for forza multi screen!

nobizlikesnowbiz4191d ago

Lol you rich ass! I wish I could afford that setup.

@ Below: Launch 360, play it constantly. Has been on for over 48 hours before. No RoD. No motherboard warpage. No lock ups. Don't play it in an especially ventillated area. What am I doing differently than everyone else?

dantesparda4190d ago

You just wait fool! oh it'll happen alright, he he he, just wait.

Fan Tastic4191d ago

Until a redesign my 360 games are going to sit in my closet

Xi4191d ago

you have 360 games without a console?

Fan Tastic4191d ago

and no I did not sell all my games, which includes purchase on live as well as extra content.

I still play at a friends house (he's on his 3rd system).

Mr_Kuwabara4191d ago

Great news for 360/Wii newcomers

Marceles4191d ago

OMG why didn't they offer this a couple of days ago?? I hope this deal is still here July 1st :(((

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The story is too old to be commented.