The Darkness demo playable in a few weeks

In The Darkness game's latest MySpace blog update, Lord Sonatine talks about the demo being delayed and that it is still coming, albeit a few weeks late. The blog confirms that the demo will be headed to Microsoft certification sometime this week and go through the two plus week process of getting approved. So, we'll have to be a patient bunch. Lord Sonatine also reiterated that The Darkness demo wasn't intentionally held back like some conspiracy theorists have expressed and that the real reason for the delay was because the retail version was at "risk of being late and missing the release date by a week or two. So we pulled people off the demo to work on the game". See, it's as simple as that.

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power of Green 4196d ago

In a few weeks this will be one of many demos on XBL glad i'm golden.

MK_Red4196d ago

Kool news but I'm getting this game before that. Its one title that I have to have.

BadTaste4196d ago

I'll have the game beforehand.

Marceles4196d ago

Yeah, I already preordered it :(. Oh well...the game's gonna be awesome

Tsalagi4196d ago

Any word on a demo showing up on PS3?

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