When Bayonetta, Darksiders And Dante's Inferno Fade, In The End There Will Be Only Chaos

The reviews for Dante's Inferno are trickling in, Bayonetta and Darksiders have been out since January. Bayonetta got rave reviews, and the critics loved Darksiders but today we learnt that THQ was not satisfied with the game's performance, especially after 3 years of development and a reduced price just two weeks after release. Bayonetta on the other hand is performing alright but it could do better, according to early estimates sales on PS3 and Xbox 360 are almost identical for the game. So why aren't these Hack-n-slash titles performing up to expectations you ask? There's only one suspect: God of War III.

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Wii360BeatsPS33239d ago

I got it on 360 on release day because of rave reviews, it's ok but it's the first game I've bought that I've wanted to return a few days later. I hate that long legged dominatrix, and the gameplay is more or less the same as DMC on PS2. It's a good game to get in the bargain bucket after it flops in sales, but paying full price for this hurts like a mother fudger. I don't sell any games, but if I did Bayonetta would be the first to go. And all the people raving about it can stfu, you're wrong, the game is average.

games4thewin3239d ago

Bayonetta is the best hack-n-slash this generation!

Face it droids--- Androids!

respawnaction3239d ago

While Inferno looks interesting and that Super Bowl ad was cool, I still can't wait for GoW3.

DarkTower8053239d ago

God of War...there is no substitute!

mjolliffe3239d ago

God of War III is the ruler, Dante's the pretender.

mastiffchild3239d ago

Erm, how do they work out that the (only a little, imo,esp post patch)weaker PS3 Bayonetta port selling aswell as the 360 gameis due to GOW3? I get that it didn't sell that well on either but surely any Kratos effect would hurt the PS3 Bayo more, no?

So, isn't it far more likely that Bayonetta, Dante's and D'siders are just stealing from each other as most H/S are prety niche these days(barring DMC and GOW)?Seems fairly straight forwards and doesn't it seem odd that the 360 Bayo didn't crush PS3's given the (OTT, imo) furore over the port?

gaffyh3239d ago

Oh noes, the disagree fairy (Bungie & multiple accounts) is on the loose.

I preferred Darksiders to Bayonetta, it's a much more fun game due to the puzzles. Bayonetta focuses so much on the fighting, it forgets that there should be puzzles.

GOW3 will undoubtedly be better than all three of these games, mainly because it's exclusive, and it's Sony's first party, who spend a hell of a lot of time on their games.

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unrealgamer583239d ago

me and my friends we're having a conversation earlier, and my friend asked why do people like gow so much more. (i didn't want to tell him that the gameplay was better..... imo its sooo much better). so i gave him the other reason, the protagonist. imo none of the other games have a better protagonist, kratos just makes you root for the bad guy............ because he's killing much worse and much more powerful enemies.

movements3239d ago

There is no other hack-n-slash like Kratos!

movements3239d ago

lol @ mj, Dante's unique in his own way man!

Tomonobu Itagaki3239d ago

And once again, no one dares to compare those games to Ninja Gaiden because we all know NG series wipe those fancy arses.

PimplePopperMD3239d ago

Ninja Gaiden is elite. Especially NES classics.

Hakimy3239d ago

because it's logical to be compared to the 1st rate game.not the second or third one ;)

movements3239d ago

@ Tomo, Ninja who? Against Kratos? Come on man, NJ is a great franchise no not much compared to Kratos bro. 0_o

Tomonobu Itagaki3239d ago

Ha ha the mindless button masher cannot match with a gameplay as much sophisticated as Ninja Gaiden. No need to be jealous, it was created by the best ones, it is normal that no game can reach such perfection.

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