Star Trek Online Increasing Capacity To Meet Demand

As is the trend with high-profile MMO launches, Star Trek Online's servers got slammed as soon as they went live. Cryptic announced that they're looking to increase capacity soon.

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siliticx3209d ago

Its like a bad WoW mixed with a bad EVE and all of that done in a way too cartoony engine of Champions Online...

i dont get why people like that game and yet, i'm an avid mmo player.

lucifon3209d ago

Simple - it's got the Star Trek name on it. Imagine if it was their own property, the game would fall flat so hard straight from the beginning. That said, the real test is after the first month or 2. When that ends I have no doubt the numbers will completely drop off.

AliC3209d ago

Well I won't be playing beyond my 30 days free, how can you take the Star Trek License and get things so wrong.

The biggest irritation with this game is..

A) Your in a sandbox, sector max it looks daft it feels daft and since your supposed to be in space it just feels very lazy

B) WarpDrive, the premise of WarpDrive is to allow you travel a great distance in a shorter space of time, journeys that could take hundreds of years can take days.

Strangely it isn't possible to set course for "Said System" and jump to warp, no you have to trundle around the stupid sector map.

Heck would it have been so hard to look at how EVE works and did something like that with a Star Trek theme.

The game is not an MMORPG and I won't be wasting any money on something which feels like a Guild Wars in space with the occasional bit of PVP if you choose.

Garrison3209d ago

I'm not a big trek fan but loved the new movie which this game seems to be related to moreso than the old tv show. In sum the game has it's good points but takes one of the most important aspects of MMO's which is exploration and takes it completely away. Space fights seemed like a bad version of regular MMO team based combat.