Geoff Keighley reveals THQ 2011 and 2012 line up

The Lost Gamer writes "Geoff Keighley has unveiled that THQ are set to release two titles within their 2011 fiscal year, as well as those set to be released within 2012."

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Bnet3433149d ago

2011 and 2012? 2010 just started ...

Letros3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

I'm excited for SPACE MARINE!

Blaze9293149d ago

Darksiders sequel? Wow didn't see that one coming. Red Faction sequel, I dunno. I didnt pick up Guerrilla nor did I like it. Red Faction 1 was just so awesome. Guerrilla...not so much. Hopefully the next one I'll like.

Saints Row 3, HELL YEAH! Tell me there's still 100% online co-op and I'll pre-order right then and there. Can't wait for that.