MAG Draws Fire, Receives Aid from Reviews

Last week, SCEA Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein stated that reviews didn't come out early for MAG because of the inability for reviewers to test out the game's major selling feature: namely, 256 simultaneous player combat. Well, now the game has finally been out for a week, and the reviews for it have come back mixed.

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nix3209d ago

but we know why it got 6 though...

it's a great technical feat plus. and the system works. great work Zipper!

yess3209d ago

Just pick up you'r weapon and join the fight everyone.
Get trough the basic's and this game rock.

dragunrising3209d ago

To be honest, and in defense of MAG it seems that online only games have it rough. Shadowrun, Socom and MAG all seemed to have struggled to really garner a lot of attention. There seems to be a stigma in regards to online only games. In the beta, I had a lot of fun, so perhaps I'll pick it up in a month or two.

Baba19063209d ago

im really enjoying this game. its such an awesome feeling too see so many players working togheter to win a battle. SVER FTW.

nix3209d ago

that the 3 factions are so fiercely taking it seriously. every comments ends off with SVER FTW or VALOR FTW or RAVEN FTW. that shows the dedication each has for their faction. i won't be surprised how heated the battle will be online.

i think the good thing Zipper did was "not" allow people to change the faction everytime one starts the game. that way, they are stuck with team until they reach the limit. i know it has it might have its disadvantages too but i think it gives no alternate route but support and fight for the team no matter what.

Bathyj3209d ago

Nix, I was just going to say that in response to Baba's post. People really seem dedicated to their teams.

I bet it wont be long till you see someone walking around with a SVER FTW T-shirt on. Thats if you guys go outside.

Bubbles to you both.

vudu3209d ago

What is this "outside" you speak of?

Rhythmattic3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

There is a Big , glowing ball "outside" ..... So i've been told.

nix3209d ago

and a wolf and a red riding hood girl too. q:

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Fatal Blow3209d ago

The game is really amazing this game proves that u need a lot of team work to get the job done no one man solider lol like most games tend to be

MysticStrummer3209d ago

I guess that would be news to the many who still play S:C. This article is somewhat pointless. Anything less than an 8 for MAG is BS. 8.5-9 is more like it. To steal a line from another review, MW2 is checkers and MAG is chess.

Bathyj3209d ago

Hey, I used that line last week, only I was talking about baseball and cricket.

Damn, I thought I was so original.

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