Project Needlehouse To Be Unveiled Tonight

CC: SEGA's highly anticipated, yet scarcely detailed new Sonic game, known as Project Needlehouse is set to be unveiled tonight.

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mjolliffe3233d ago

Can't wait.

Don't let me down SEGA!

THE MAX SPEED 213233d ago

lol i dont remember who posted that pic but somebody posted some epic pic once it was a fake thought but it was Freaking hilarious , Sonic is blured in the picture and some guy replaced sonic by Pikachu. the pic was hilarious.

on topic: Cant wait to see what the game looks like.

Jamegohanssj53233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Let the flopping commence.


doeman3233d ago

hd 2d sonic!
hd 2d sonic!!
hd 2d sonic!!!


Michael-Jackson3233d ago

[FAIL] I'm hoping that it won't.

Megaton3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

If it's a return to its 2D roots, count me in. If it's the next installation of 3D Sonic fail, I'm out.

D4RkNIKON3233d ago

AWESOME! I hope it is similar to what New Super Mario Bros. Wii did by going back to their roots. Side scrolling, nostalgic, levels and characters recognizable from past Sonic games. We will have to wait and see.

Gue13233d ago

I hope the game turns out good, we need more games that don't require a gun to be fun!

zeeshan3233d ago

Please please please please SEGA pleaseee let it 2D this time! Sonic in 3D is like lame. I want the good ol' Sonic in 2D!! And I am seriously gona punch someone at SEGA if they give Tales his own game 'cuz this picture looks like a silhouette of Tales!!!!!

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mrv3213233d ago

Thde sad fact is unless it's a re-release of Sonic 1 most people will be dissapointed.

SoapShoes3233d ago

No matter what Sega does, people will be disappointed. 2D game, disappointed because it's just the same old same old from the Genesis with new graphics. 3D, disappointed because it's not 2D. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Also Sonic 1 was great, but 2 and 3&Knuckles were better. Pretty much everyone thinks so. There were no complaints back in the day that the series was getting worse, everyone loved the new improvements to the games.

mjolliffe3233d ago

Well I'm still hoping it's a new, clean sheet for the whole franchise!

xskipperx823233d ago

this is a completly NEW single player experience. NOT a remake. Already confirmed by Sega on one of their blogs

kaveti66163233d ago

The sad fact is MRV321 refers to himself as "most people."

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Logiistics3233d ago

Cannot wait....


Come on SEGA make it good!

Valay3233d ago

Right now I just want to know if it's coming to Wii.

saint_john_paul_ii3233d ago

Im pretty sure it is. Its Sonic. it has a wide appeal for all platforms.

My question is what will they do in the coming months to prepare people for it.

SoapShoes3233d ago

Aside from Unleashed, the main games of the series have been on PS3/360. Look at '06 and the other two for Wii were spinoffs. I wouldn't be too sure about that unless this is another "across all platforms" game.

SpoonyRedMage3233d ago

Yer but Unleashed sold more on the Wii than it did on PS3 and 360 combined. Sega would have to be morons not to put it on the Wii.

Oh wait, Sega ARE morons. It's probably not coming to the Wii.:P

asdr3wsfas3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Haha, this company did kill eternal champions because they thought it hurt the appeal of Virtua Figher in the US. It made shenmue. They hurt about 3 generations of platforms by continually announcing upcoming hardware years before release and preventing everyone from buying the current system and continually adding attachments that by definition couldn't have sold more than the original system. Twice. While everyone knew the saturn was upcoming. I love sega like a stupid little cousin that can't help but make me angry at how ignorant he is.

Have you heard of segaga? You probably have but I want to find an english translated rom of that game (if it exists). You work for sega. When you battle other employees you trade insults and witty replies. Some of the enemies are alcoholic sega employees. If you lose you waste a month of development time.

Also, thanks for recommending rabbids go home, the game is hysterical, fun, and the gf loves it.

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englandsbest3163233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Now get to work on Streets of Rage 4 aswell please Sega (2D of course)

asdr3wsfas3233d ago

And eternal champions!

Have they made any shining force games recently?

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