The Pros and Cons of the Apple iPhone: Part One

Get it or skip it?

People have to hand it to Apple. IGN found themselves surrounded by new tech of all kinds at the Consumer Electronics Show 2007 in Las Vegas last January, but all of it -- especially the hundreds of me-too cell phones -- was dwarfed by the epic shadow of the iPhone, a device that incidentally wasn't even on display at CES. Some suggested that company CEO Steve Jobs timed the unveiling of the firm's super phone to coincide with the Las Vegas electronics show in order to steal all the buzz, but the charismatic executive explained otherwise. While Apple is known to hold onto its secrets until they are practically ready to ship -- announce today and sell tomorrow -- the house that built iPod pulled back the curtain on iPhone uncharacteristically early; as it turns out, about six months so. The reason for the premature showing, said Jobs, was that the FCC has in the past jumped the gun and revealed products sent in for approval before the companies involved could formally announce them, and Apple didn't want to risk a similar mishap. Undeniable logic, but that truth hasn't helped ease the wait for the arrival of the all-encompassing media and genius phone. Now, finally, that the iPhone is almost here -- it goes on sale officially on June 29 at 6:00 p.m. at an Apple or AT&T/Cingular dealer near you -- and people still might be wondering if the slick touch-screen unit is worth your $499 or, if to opt for the 8GB model, $599? That's a lot of cash for a phone, so better be ready to make the plunge. It's with this in mind that IGN presents the real-life pros and cons of Apple's iPhone.

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Arkham4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

This is one kcuffing sexy phone, but for me it's the Sony Ericsson W960i FTW. I was looking forward to the iPhone as a new toy, but I've been wooed over by W960i recently.

I prefer my batteries to be replaceable, too.

thanextone2294191d ago

Unless this phone can stream Appletv then it probably wont be worth justifying a purchase for this one.

Kaneda4191d ago

That is it! i am getting a zune...

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