Spawn Kill: Aliens vs Predator Multiplayer Hands-on Impressions

The Herp of Spawn Kill Writes:

"Recently I got a chance to check out some of the multiplayer in the upcoming Alien vs. Predator title during a community event held at Astro Studios in San Francisco. The game's set to release on February 16th for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 and was developed by Rebellion, the same company responsible for thee classics released in the 90s. The Alien universe, as well as Predator's has a very hardcore fan base, something that I do not share the passion for. Even though I am not a diehard fan of either franchise, AVP's multiplayer immediately sucked me in and I found myself actually enjoying something that had AVP in the title."

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Snarkasaur3210d ago

For some reason this game just has a great Left 4 Dead versus mode vibe to it. Makes me want to check it out.