Hooked Gamers: Halo: Reach Preview

Say good-bye to gung-ho killing sprees of glorious pink haze and blinding blue light. Say goodbye to carefree combat of genocidal proportions with an inevitably victorious climax. This is still Halo, but this is Reach, one of the last bastions of human population; a military stronghold - pivotal to the survival of the human race. This is Reach, and you already know how this will end…

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Ghostsmoker3212d ago

"In fact, Bungie claims that the performance of Reach will demand up to 80% of the 360's processing capabilities."

Well, that sounds good.

shazui1233212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Most devs push the hardware to its limit. It depends what context this was said in. If they mean their optimisations mean that they could only improve the optimisation by roughly a fifth then thats ok. However if they mean the hardware is ever idle, then thats pretty shoddy. Even poorly optimised games tend to never leave spare cpu/gpu cycles.

disagrees :S why? does someone think what I have said is incorrect?