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Eurogamer Spain writes: "MAG is a rather ambitious title that successfully brings playable interesting approaches to the genre of first person shooters, adding a very successful tactic component and the feeling of actually working with the other players in achieving a common goal. We can only applaud Zipper Interactive for trying something different and to do it satisfactorily, although the final product is not perfect and is vitiated by certain aspects that could have been more polished. Still a very good option for fans of multiplayer action, original and extremely addictive, especially suitable for those who find the online matches of games like Modern Warfare 2 are too rapid, disorderly and individualistic."

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nycredude3208d ago

Is it me or every article with mag getting a good score has NO comments but every article with mag having a bad score is 1000 degrees? ! Alot of haters and cod fantard if you ask me.

raztad3207d ago


It's not just you, they have been avoiding as the plague any positive review, however I think haters are already satisfied with MAG having less than 8 on meta.

I didnt read the review, because I know MAG rocks the world. Game is getting me in troubles with my wife. I' m MAG-addicted.

nycredude3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )


I agree. With you it's getting me in trouble too. It's sad about the low scores Mag is getting. I am going to explain my experience of MAG here hoping some people here who won't get it because of the beta or reviews might see this.

I played the MAG beta a little and although it wasn't bad, I really wasn't impressed. I was on the fence about buying this so I bought Mass Effect 2 first and was waiting on reviews before possible picking up MAG. After playing ME2 (GREAT GAME) for about 7 hours my friends convince me to buy MAG with them. For the first 5 hours I hated the game! I didn't know what was going on and couldn't kill anyone. I completely sucked! However I stuck with it (I am a persistent gamer and the only game I ever quit was Ninja Gaiden Sigma) and the game gradually got better. 20 hours and two days later I now love this game! I'm not a big online gamer but I havent' been this addicted to a shooter since counterstrike!

Just forget about reviews with this one guys, seriously.

BTW i am having a hard time not playing MAG long enough to go back to ME2 (which I love)!


Major_Tom3207d ago

Mags sinking like it has rocks attached to it

Bathyj3207d ago

The people playing MAG, all seem to be able to accept a score around 8 for it.

I keep hearing how PS3 owners whine if an exclusive gets under 10 but thats crap. The game seems to be a low to high 8 to me based on what actually PLAYERS think of it.

The only people really complaining hard about it are the ones who dont play it. You know, cos they dont own a PS3. Everyone seem to accept that this just the begininng of a community and it will only get better.

Why are the main gripes from people who will never play it?
Hey, I've had my issues with Halo, GTA and CoD, but I own those FKN games, I have a right to have an opinion.

DatNJDom813207d ago

Definitely not perfect, but its great! The last game to have me addictided to its online multiplayer the way I am to MAG was Resistance 2 and Killzone 2. Domination is so much fun. If I was to review it, I would give it a 8.5 to 9.

"Mags sinking like it has rocks attached to it."

Dumb as$ comment. It is only to the 360 fanballz that either hate anything Sony, or are just jealous not to have it. I gaurantee that if it was a 360 exclusive, they would all be sucking MAG's left nut.

raztad3207d ago


I agree with you. MAG is an unique experience some like it or not. If this game was a xbox exclusive, I would buy an Elite + WiFi card + Live paid for a year, just to play it. Thankfully it's not.

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Nelson M3208d ago

An Average of 8 for this Game is Very Good
Because its a Online Game only
And if you was to Score MW2 on it's Online Only it would get a 5/10
So Suck on it
Thy Silly Little BoTs

redsquad3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Ooo, they liked it! The mewling 360 zombies better gloss over this review and pretend it didn't happen... In other words, another normal day for them!

shazui1233208d ago

requires more skill and maturity (hence the lack of swearing on the mics, of which almost everyone uses tactically) than call of duty has in recent years. I dont miss the screaming 11 year olds AT ALL.