IGN | Tournament of Legends Hands-On Preview

At E3 last year High Voltage Software revealed Gladiator A.D. to the world. The game was a realistic one-on-one fighter set in the blood-thirsty days of the Roman Empire, modeled after Gladiator and 300. The game has finally re-emerged with a new publisher and a major shift in art and setting.

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EvilTwin3031d ago

I may get flamed for this...but I think HVS is reeeeeeally dropping the ball on this one. They had a cool concept -- gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum using Motion Plus.

It seems like they've watered the game down. A LOT. IGN called it a cross between PunchOut and a conventional fighter.

But if I wanted to play PO, I'd pop it in the Wii.

And if I wanted to play a conventional fighter with CC support, I'd play Tat v. Cap. And I'd get to play online, without being limited to 10 players in 8 stages.

Massive, massive fail.