New Fallout: New Vegas Details Coming Tomorrow

CC: The official Bethesda twitter page has just informed their followers that new information on Fallout: New Vegas will arrive some time tomorrow.

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Mista T3240d ago

a wasteland vegas, that's awesome :P

mjolliffe3240d ago

Personally, I didn't LOVE Fallout 3.

Now impress me Obsidian!

TheDudeAbides3240d ago

F3 was dissapointing for fallout vets, and pretty good for new comers (good reviews).
I hope New Vegas will be what many hoped F3 would be.

Mista T3240d ago

I admit I am a fallout new comer because my first one was Fallout 3, but I just love Fallout 3

SpaceSquirrel3240d ago

Can't wait. I hope it's a return to the original games.

artistadam3240d ago

finally!! i hope it's a lengthy read with some screenshots and a logo finally, lol...

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