Stringer Says PS3 "Already Making Comeback"

Sony chairman Howard Stringer said today in an annual shareholder meeting that the PlayStation business is regaining its foothold in the market.

"All the production problems have been solved. We are making a comeback already," Stringer said in an Associated Press report.

He reiterated that the PS3 is going to play a major role in Sony's overall financials, calling the console "a key driver" for growth.

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Anything but Cute4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

They are far from a comeback, and everyone at Sony knows that. Business representatives always are quoted for adding a positive spin on things. Then here on it's flame war time. OMG Sony is getting arrogant again. It's stupid. is like fanboy war land.

ShiftyLookingCow4191d ago

Everything on the xbox360 is better! Yeeh.. i have no life but to bash the PS3. My girlfriend left me for the PS3! Thats why i make love to my 360! I don't talk with reason! I do not appricaite games, just the 360!

*get more awesome flame/fanboy templates from <:Nicosia:>


You will know when their doing well because you won't hear squat from them as holds true for them through out their history.

This is all back pedaling PROPAGANDA, lets call it what it is!

The sales figures for the company shows high levels of shipping to retailers, and the retailers store rooms are reflecting over shipments and overstocks of PS3.

Every Best Buy is sitting on 30+ 60g PS3s, so many that their trying to create package deals to get rid of them.

Your in the Dark, while many others are in the Light! Trust me! Bail out and get back to gaming while you can. Best Buy reports an inability to keep WII's and Elites on their shelves. Better late than never, if you can't beat'em join'em, well you get the picture.

FordGTGuy4191d ago

Maybe they will finally be releasing a game soon to help out or something.

aaquib24191d ago

It has never been down!

sajj3164191d ago

you say that its never been down but the main Sony boss says its making a comeback.

I think alot of people will be eating their words come E3 and yes I think E3 is where Sony starts to 'comeback'. Thats all I have to say about it.

Marceles4191d ago

The main boss is saying Sony is making a comeback because that's what everyone wants to hear after all the bashing Sony takes on their launches. I believe Sony was never down too, it's just impatient forgetful gamers bashing on the playstation. I don't know why so many people hate Sony and yet they've continued to prove they are the best console gaming company for over a decade. The 360 is the best system....for now, but it's like people just took amnesia pills and woke up with a 360 in front of them.

KingJames19064191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

I'm getting sick of hearing about the games are missing. What's missing is a $200.00 price cut for the console. Once that happens, Sony will be on track. The PS3 has games (60 of them if I'm not mistaken.) Yet the PS3 still has the worst attach rate of any console during launch (EVER!) Fix the price, and the general mass market will come. Not 'GAMERS' or 'FANBOYS'. The Xbox 360 had a pretty cruddy line up yet it managed to take almost 4 games per unit sold. That's how these companies make money. With the exception of Nintendo in this generation.

@ Marceles below.

Actually the attach rate for the 360 was close to 2.5 games per console sold at launch. I only bought one, which was NBA2K6 at that time. I now have 7 total games for the 360. Not including the NBA2K6 as I now have NBA2K7.

Marceles4191d ago

It took the 360 awhile to get an attach rate like that. At launch it was lacking in supply, no games were coming out for awhile, then they finally cleared it up, gears of war came out along with some other good games and the attach rate finally grew over night. Sony's going to make their money...

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codeazrael4191d ago

Well, if the ps3 is going to determine the overall financial success for all of Sony, then some layoffs are on the way and possible bancruptcy. And WHAT SUPPLY PROBLEMS????? PS3's were well available even before last Christmas! This guy can be worse than Kaz Harai, Sony's chief liar

ud4191d ago

sony going bankrupt? yeah ok dude...

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