MS cuts price of 120GB 360 drive

Eurogamer writes: "Microsoft appears to have no plans to release a 250GB standalone hard drive for the Xbox 360 in Europe.

Instead, the platform holder has reduced the price of the 120GB hard drive from £99.99 to £79.99 - "while supplies last"."

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skyline20032963d ago

they need to cut the price of that network adapter... i refuse to pay $100 for that...

NewZealander2963d ago

i need a new hard drive STAT im still living with a 20gigger and it sucks! im always having to delete stuff just so i can install games or make room for DLC installing mass effect 2 and the DLC that came with the collectors edition has crippled my hard drive.

FreeFalling2963d ago

But whatever, at least MS is trying..