GamePro: Dante's Inferno Review

Game design feels like one big round of "follow the leader" sometimes: when a game does something successfully, everyone else tries to put their own spin on it. Grand Theft Auto 3 had that effect, leading to a bevy of like-minded titles that aped the concepts that made it so great. The God of War franchise has also left its own indelible mark and it's finally starting to show with titles like Bayonetta and Darksiders following in Kratos' deity-sized footsteps. Dante's Inferno is another chip off the old Grecian block but it exists somewhere in the middle of those two aforementioned titles: unlike Bayonetta, which took the formula and gave it a total glam makeover, Dante's hews closer to the tried and true; yet, unlike Darksiders, which was a little too familiar for its own good, it actively tries to do something different.

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