Hideo Kojima's Year of Reckoning

Everybody knows that the top brass at Kojima Productions have impeccable fashion sense. But what have they been up to, exactly? If you looked strictly at their game output in 2009, the answer would be...nothing.

How does Kojima see 2010 unfolding, then? To him, as it turns out, it's something of an epoch-making year -- one where he'll have to make some tough decisions.

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kewlkat0073234d ago

Konami used to be up there with Capcom(Game 4 Game) but I don't know what happened. They used to be big in Beatemups like "Turtles in Time(Arcade, Simpsons Arcade and other popular titles. Besides Metal Gear and Castlevania, I really can't pin point any big new Ips they have mad eover the last couple of years.