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IGN UK: Dante's Inferno Review

Dante's Inferno misses the mark in almost every way. It's dated, uninspired, repetitive, clumsy and almost totally forgettable. But - and this is a big but - there absolutely is fun to be had from Visceral's superb fighting engine and, truthfully, the simple act of hitting things until they explode is a pleasant enough distraction. That's going to be more than enough for the less discerning, more forgiving player, particularly with multiple difficulty settings to tantalise with further grasps for perfection. Anyone else, however, should quite reasonably demand more.

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0
Overall - (Dante's Inferno, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

Sarevok  +   2032d ago
ouch...thank god for gow3!
Time Lord  +   2032d ago
I was thinking of buying this
dont think i will now.
-Alpha  +   2032d ago
Thank Santa Monica Studios
Not God. Unless SMS IS God! :O

Besides, Kratos may kill you.

I have the demo still lying around and I should really download it already (though every MB costs me extra money since I went over my internet usage).

Is the code shareable?
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LordMarius  +   2032d ago
This is just the appetizer guys
and as you know just no one pays $60 for it, so just rent it and give thanks that God of War 3 exists

Yes thank God for creating Santa Monica.......
*religion shield on*
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heroicjanitor  +   2032d ago
Contradiction :)
IGN UK - "Sadly, aside from its excellent combat system, Dante’s Inferno misses the mark in almost every way."

IGN - "Unfortunately, some derivative combat sequences and a shallow combo system prevent the title from becoming a truly great experience."
NOOBKILLA  +   2032d ago
Dang IGN!! I guess EA should have lined some wallets with some of that greenery to get at least a 8/10. LOL We all know it has been done before. Look we know this game is a clone. There are only like 1 or 2 games a year that are originals. Heck I am getting this and GOW III. Hack and slash is always fun. If i want my world to be changed I play games like Mass Effect 2.
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Saaking  +   2032d ago
It's always been just a rental. God Of war III is the real thing adn nothing can replace it.
SilentNegotiator  +   2032d ago
I'm sort of on edge of whether to buy it or not, now. If I do, I'll get the Ps3 version since it comes with the Soundtrack, art book, etc; at least that would soften the blow if it's a bit disappointing.
-Alpha  +   2032d ago
Doesn't that cost an extra $10?
SilentNegotiator  +   2032d ago
Divine Edition (PS3): http://www.gamestop.com/Cat...

Regular Edition (360): http://www.gamestop.com/Cat...

Both $59.99
DatNJDom81  +   2032d ago
Still gonna get it.......
Game looks good. Since when is 7 a bad score?
DaTruth  +   2032d ago
"Bu, bu, bu, but, is teh solid 60 fps and better than GoW3."

@Above: 7 is not a bad score; But 7's and 10's cost the same amount of money! There are a lot of 9+'s for both consoles this year!
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BYE  +   2032d ago
Wow, that's surprising...

I wasn't exactly hyped about this but still expected it to do much better!
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2032d ago
Gow bayonetta dmc > Dante
DatNJDom81  +   2032d ago
Let me help you with that..........
GOW >>>>>>> Devil May Cry > NG > Dante's Inferno >>>>> Bayonetta.

There fixed!

I dont care how many combos bayonetta can do, everything is so fukcing cheezy. That music still gives me nightmares....... sometimes over the tops isn't so good.
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-Mezzo-  +   2032d ago
DAMN, i was really looking forward to this game but i think i'll get it anyway just for the sake of good story.
Time Lord  +   2032d ago
read the book
Hakimy  +   2032d ago
I guess that settled it.for the 3 new comers in 2010 the order is like this:
3-Dante's Inferno
Nakiro  +   2032d ago
Personally I would put Darksiders above Bayonetta, but that's just me..
MmaFanQc  +   2032d ago
3-Dante's Inferno
danielle007  +   2032d ago
Bayonetta wins out over Darksiders any day.
She has actual combos, is hilarious, and witch time is fun. Everything is so hectic and over the top, it's ahmazing. She makes Kratos feel terribly fat. Plus, the world in Bayonetta is just awesome, and the angels are all creepy as fudge. Looove it. :)
Aclay  +   2032d ago
I can't believe IGN UK gave this a 7.... I thought the demo was a solid 8 or 8.5 at least and I enjoyed the demo more than I thought I would. Dante's Inferno may not be up to par with GOW3, but I'm probably still going to buy this game.
jalen247  +   2032d ago
I guess one needs to own a PS3 to play the definitive Hack & Slash Action game (GOW III) of this generation.

I am still picking up Dante's Inferno because I enjoyed the demo and the story seems interesting.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2032d ago
RENT 'Dante's Inferno'

BUY 'God of War 3'!!! ;-P
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2032d ago
ChavBots&ModBots -

BUY 'Dante's Inferno'

CAN'T BUY 'God of War 3'!!! ;-D
DigitalHorror81  +   2032d ago
Is so ready...
For the real deal. GOD OF WAR NOW!!!
DelbertGrady  +   2032d ago
Same score as they gave MAG, yeah? Or was that the regular IGN? Noticed they gave Dantes 0.5 points higher than UK.

I want to try it out more before I decide.
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MajestieBeast  +   2032d ago
I guess nothing beats the original.
Bathyj  +   2032d ago
"That's going to be more than enough for the less discerning, more forgiving player,"
Uhm, they still exist?

I thought they died out with the rise of Metacritic.
UnSelf  +   2032d ago
i like this..... bubs +
Shadow Haze501  +   2032d ago
God of War 3 GOTY 2010!!!!
frankymv  +   2032d ago
My thoughts exactly.
chrisulloa  +   2032d ago
So far PS3 predictions have been totally wrong, Heavy Rain is going bad, WKC is a bad game, as well as MAG, who's next lol?
Shadow Haze501  +   2032d ago
Why are you complaining about PS3 when 360 has no games this year. AGAIN!!!!
Darrius Cole  +   2032d ago
Heavy Rain going bad????? Did I miss something? The reviews I have seen have been very good.
Wii360BeatsPS3  +   2032d ago
God of war wannabe trips and falls on its tits and dies.
I knew by the demo that this was a cheap attempt to surf the God of war wave. Just like RE5 tried to jump into bed with Gears of war. Well it don't wash with me I'm afraid. I liked Dead Space, but this is a step back for a company I had high hopes for. And now they say Dead Space 2 is going to be less scary and more action. Mega FAIL right there.
Demon5500  +   2032d ago

Well looks like its a crap game? I could not play this game after the glory of Mass effect 2! If you are dead set on this type of game go buy God of War 3 I am shore it will be way beyond this clone:)
Baka-akaB  +   2032d ago
Funny how with the same "crimes" , basically not being original , and even worse when dante is actually a copycat , White knight gets a 5 , and something like dante still get a 7 . But surely oh nonono they love jrpgs , and arent treating them unfairly and harshly in general ...

/end of rant
i'll stop polluting the thread now with another subject
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Rocket Sauce  +   2032d ago
Reviewers like to crap all over new IP's. They'll cream their pants for the next Final Fantasy or GTA, though. I dunno if this game deserves its score or not, just making an observation.

When the first Uncharted came out, people threw around words like "uninspired" and "derivative," but as soon as Uncharted 2 hit, everybody wanted to be its best friend.

If WKC and Dante's Inferno get sequels, I'm sure they'll get great scores for whatever reason.
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Baka-akaB  +   2032d ago
I seriously doubt it for WKC II ... i'm pretty confident it will be treated even harsher , if at least the graphical engine isnt a massive rehaul .

the western press as a whole , just like to suddenly enforce quality checks and standards they wouldnt apply or even consider with most other genres .
SUPREME RULER  +   2032d ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol sorry xbot fan boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this not god of war killer Lol. average knock off lol.
bunfighterii  +   2032d ago
I hope this doesn't put people off actually reading Inferno, I studied it at uni a few years ago and its fascinating.

When I heard they were making it into a game I thought it was little more than sacrilege. Turning such a classic piece of literature into a base level hack and slash is really tasteless...
Baka-akaB  +   2032d ago
it could actually have been made into a tasteful action game .
But from the very first cutscene they crap on the book , and like i've said numerous time ... with Dante and his author's namesake being an actual war veteran ... they could have done something more respectful and better than some barbarian looking moron sewing a cross on his barechest .
rob6021  +   2032d ago
Maybe IGN is getting it's credibility back??(UK anyway) I was seriously thinking there was no way this game would score under 8.5 from them. With all the crazy high scores they've been giving high profile multi-platform games lately this is a bit of a shocker to be honest. I'm almost wondering if the way they bombed mag and WKC gave them some perspective, like as if now they gotta start making it harder for other games.
IQUITN4G  +   2032d ago
Not quite Bayonetta then.This is typical tired hack and slash for which we really should be bored to tears of by now but action sells i guess

This will quite comfortably sell better than Bayonetta i'd imagine and that's down to gamers not having a clue

I'd choose GOW3 over this but in truth they both have fairly simple combat mechanics- unless GOW has been radically redesigned in this respect
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Toman85  +   2032d ago
Many 360 fans had hailed this for their God Of War killer, what do you say now? :P. Im gonna skip the game, but I hoped Dante's Inferno got better score than Buttonetta, but it didn't...

Good I have all consoles this generation so I dont miss a single game ;)
divideby0  +   2032d ago
I lol at those comparing this to God Of War... I didnt see anything that would make me call this close to GOW
danielle007  +   2032d ago
Dude really?
US IGN gave it a 7.5, and they gave it a lasting appeal score of 7.5, saying there's no reason to replay it until the DLC comes out.

They gave MAG, an online multiplayer game, a lasting appeal of 6.5. Really? I'm confused. I'm kind of losing faith just a teensy bit in IGN. Their scores are baffling sometimes.
rakunado  +   2032d ago
I just finished the game on normal in about 7.5 hrs... the only thing that gets me... is that as you go deeper into hell, virgil(your guide) starts talking about how "incredible and grotesque" the circles become that even he can't apply words to it, when in reality the deeper you go, the developers get lazier and lazier.

I mean seriously they had so much good theme and content they could work with, but the last 3 circles were pathetic. If anything i would say the first and second circle of hell in DAnte's looks far worse than the last three. I mean what happened?

Overall though, i enjoyed the game enough to tie me over until God of War 3. I think im just frustrated that where the last three circles should depict what the ACTUAL REAL DIVINE COMEDY WRITES ABOUT.

Example would be: Real Poem = souls who are entwined with snakes who eat them and are put back together at the end of the day or numerous boils, or people that combust and get the flesh peeled from them slowly.

Game = a deep dark pit with a voice describing what is down there, but you don't see it, and you just fight on a platform above it, with a few statues just to try to make your brain wonder. WTF!

All im saying is that they could have done so much better, in the end hell starts out scary, but ends kinda "meh". Which i think is the games biggest disappointment. Overall it was fun though.

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